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Sacred Geometry Healing Songs

By Genai Ellen Wachs


Sacred geometries are the building blocks for Great Mystery found throughout nature in plants, galaxies, atoms, and more. For example, the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Spiral underlies nature's creative expression, repeating itself in nautilus shells, sunflower centers, and hurricane weather patterns. Great Spirit suggested the sacred geometries that are featured in this album.

Each song heals different physical and emotional structures, like atoms, DNA cells, tissues, organs, or buried feelings. Genai translated the shapes into star language with rhythm, melodies, and harmonics that stimulate healing, clearing, repair, and regeneration for the body, mind, and spirit. They come through her voice in one take and are offered a cappella. Regeneration of a structure occurs through repetition as with yogic mantras, so a chant may be repeated for several minutes.

To create a sacred geometry song as a healing tool was a new idea. In May 2015, Genai heard her inner voice suggest, "Bring through Sacred Geometry songs and translate the light. If you start now, you can be done in ten days." It was suggested from within that she create the songs by holding each geometric shape or a drawing in her hand, then receive the light from the object and translate it into vocal tones, rhythm, and melody.

Featured Songs: 

Each of the songs below is listed with the associated physical, emotional, and mental correspondences for healing. 
1. The Flower of Life (3:31) DNA, Liver, Negative Thoughts

2. The Square (3:35) Bones, Kidney, Urinary Tract, Emotions

3. The Octahedron (3:50) Bones, Pancreas, Emotions like Stress

4. The Golden Spiral (3:30) Atoms, Brain, Bronchi, Thymus, Wrists, Ankles, Spiritual

5. The Tetrahedron (6:22) Bronchi, Adrenal Glands, Arms/Legs, Spiritual

6. The Six-Pointed Star (4:42) Pineal Gland, Connection to Soul

7. The Sphere (4:36) Small and Large Intestine, Emotions

8. Cube with Tetrahedron Inside (4:13) Pituitary Gland, Large Intestine, Sexual Organs, Accepting Emotions

9. Fahrey Gateway (4:52) Ears, Sinuses, Adrenal Glands, Clearing Emotions

10. The Five-Pointed Star (6:45) Nervous System, Kidneys, Arms, Feet, Emotions like Anxiety

11. Vesica Piscis (4:03) Tongue, Duodenum, Legs, Wrists, Ankles, Mental Overload/Congestion

To receive a complete healing treatment, listen to the album or individual songs three times--once to relax, again to receive images or visions as you relax more deeply, then listen once more to feel the vibrational effect in your body.


Effects can be quite altering, so don't drive a car or operate machinery while listening to the album.

CD: $19.95

Digital: Price varies by retailer

Guided Meditation and Shamanic Chants
Sacred Where I Walk: Goddess Blessing Songs

Sacred Where I Walk: Goddess Blessing Songs

By Genai


Like a Navajo sand painting or a Tibetan mandala, Genai’s spontaneous songs from Spirit open an inner door to Great Mystery. Her ancient melodies and rhythms recall our inner selves, our tribal natures, and sense of community. Each song carries the power of the present moment: Genai listens within and creates each song in one take, as a gift from Spirit. Her songs have been described by others as “magical,” “songs straight from Spirit,” and “profoundly healing.”


Her four octave range surprises and delights as it aligns, awakens and reweaves patterns of the Kundalini, the Divine Feminine, your soul. All sounds on the album are Genai’s voice. The electronic overtone sounds in The Song of MA, the Great Mother of All, are created solely by Genai’s voice, much like Siberian tuva singing. While the genre is New Age, some songs sound Native American, Middle Eastern, or like experimental jazz.


Genai’s songs can mend the heart sore from grief and loss, help you find a new perspective of vast abundance, or aid you to journey behind your everyday mind to become one with the Divine Feminine in you. In her ancient light language there are no thoughts to consider. The mind rests. The soul is filled. The spirit rejoices. One opens like a flower to the sun. 

Featured Songs: 

Return of Ma, Great Mother of All (7:42) 
Moon Goddess Rising (6:09) 
Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion (7:30) 
Ana’s Spring Dance (3:34) 
Fire Goddess at the Circle (3:40) 
Purple (3:44) 
Song for God (4:23) 
Tantra Weaving Heaven and Earth (7:32)


CD: $15.00

Digital: Price varies by retailer

20 Minutes to Peace: Meditation Made Easy
Excerpt - 20 Minutes to PeaceGenai

20 Minutes to Peace: Meditation Made Easy

By Genai


For those who awake at 3 or 4 a.m. with a “do-list” running, this guided CD can slow and even stop your thoughts. Learning to quiet the mind can take a long time. If your temper is short or you are “running on empty,” headaches, illness, and burnout are not far behind. Instead, choose 20 minutes a day to renew and recharge. It will change your life!


Genai designed and used this daily program to adjust her own attitude and energy. Even her immune system improved. The first major changes were peace of mind and new choices. Intuition development and finding her soul purpose followed.


Our guided meditation has five parts: breathing, visualizations of a tree for grounding and centering, another for strengthening the hara or will center, and a third for balancing the energy centers or chakras with color, then five minutes of silence with sacred chanting, and then sealing your energy centers to return to the everyday world. Genai’s Amarya chant whispers in the background.


Meditation CAN be easy! Used daily, 20 Minutes to Peace can help you calm and rest your mind, and develop your intuitive and spiritual gifts. Find a comfortable chair in quiet, private space and tune in to your Self.


20 minutes.



“Since we bought your 20 Minutes to Peace CD we have been using it every day for our meditation practice. We are relaxing more deeply and enjoying mediation more. Thanks!” 

- Naples, FL


“I love working with your new meditation CD, 20 Minutes to Peace! I don’t have to think about what I am doing, just follow your directions to a peaceful state.” 

- Naples, FL


“Lately, I spend a lot of time caring for my elderly mother, which can be stressful. Your CD 20 Minutes to Peace has been a Godsend, to get myself energetically balanced, focused and peaceful as I go into the day. What a perfect way to get aligned on many levels!” 

- I. B., Naples, FL


“My wife and I have been using your CD 20 Minutes to Peace as our daily meditation and finding it very useful. It has been a great tool for learning to balance and quiet the mind.” 

- B. S., Naples, FL


CD: $15.00

Excerpt - AmaryaGenai

Amarya: Dreaming the Dance

By Genai


Hebrew for “God So Said,” Amarya celebrates our connection to a Universal Creative Source. By listening to these sacred chants, the door opens for you to run the river of life fully embodied, fully awake. One Mind, One Heart, One Soul, One Family.


The gentle rhythms of Amarya can move you through yoga, chakra balancing, dance or tai chi. Genai’s chants can help you find serenity, grace and ease in times of stress and change. In meditation, you can listen to your heart as it sings the One Heart back to you.


60 minutes.



“Your voice was soothing and comforting. I work nightshift and use Amarya before I sleep in the morning. I felt so grounded and in my body, I was amazed. An exciting journey!”

- Pensacola, FL


“I listen to Amarya when I drive and it keeps me relaxed and balanced.”

Bonita Springs, FL


“When we got home we put your Amarya CD on and I just want to tell you how much we are loving your very peaceful songs this evening...and I know that we will be playing it daily.” 

- S. V., Estero, FL


“My husband and I decided to put our 15-year-old Beagle to sleep. I did this yesterday after we had made the decision last Friday. It was very difficult for me as she and I were very close, but her life force was really dwindling and she has not been herself and getting worse. I chose not to stay at the vet and cried all the way home and needed to stay out of my mind so as to not feel guilty, etc., etc. I chose the Amarya CD and listened to it for 45 minutes and I felt everything clear. I was fine afterwards and now have beautiful memories and know that she is at peace.” 

- N. L., Ocala, FL


CD: $15.00

Excerpt 1 - Through the SunGenai
Excerpt 2 - Through the SunGenai

Through the Sun, Into the Stars: Universal Songs for Peace & Healing

By Genai


Adults and kids of all ages love the way Genai’s inspired chants and vocal melodies bring peace to their hearts. Follow the seeker’s journey in nine songs from “Tired of It All” to “All One Peace” to “In the Heart of God.” Native American, Latin, and jazz rhythms blend to create a very special inner experience. Travel from your ordinary, everyday mind into deep relaxation. Don’t drive while listening to this one!


35 minutes.




- Ft. Myers, FL


“Pure Spirit!”

Pensacola, FL


“Brought me home to myself.”

LaBelle, FL


“Your CD Through the Sun is beyond earthly words. It is pure Spirit! I felt heat all through my body when I listened to it. The deep yawns came that tell me I am releasing tension. Each time I listen to it something changes within me on some level. God Bless you for making the CD, Ellen.” 

- J. P., Pensacola, FL


“Your new CD Through the Sun, Into the Stars: Universal Songs for Peace and Healing is lovely. It makes me think of an impressionistic painting of sound and emotional expression that resonates through and colors the room it is played in. The energy in the room felt much clearer and brighter, while I felt more relaxed and uplifted by the time the CD was finished. It is an energy treatment in and of itself.” 

- K.T., Windsor, CA


“I have been diagnosed with cancer and am being treated for it. I recently received your CD Through the Sun as a gift. After listening to it several times, I had the deep insight that there is nothing wrong with me!”

- Client


“Before your CD I was getting up three and four times a night—“sleepless” was a good description of me. Now I listen to Through the Sun before going to bed, and I get up only once a night. I am rested and feel so much better.”

- Client


CD: $15.00

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