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Sacred Geometry Healing Songs

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Sacred geometries are the building blocks for Great Mystery found throughout nature in plants, galaxies, atoms, and more. For example, the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Spiral underlies nature's creative expression, repeating itself in nautilus shells, sunflower centers, and hurricane weather patterns. Great Spirit suggested the sacred geometries that are featured in this album.


​Each song heals different physical and emotional structures, like atoms, DNA cells, tissues, organs, or buried feelings. Genai translated the shapes into star language with rhythm, melodies, and harmonics that stimulate healing, clearing, repair, and regeneration for the body, mind, and spirit. They come through her voice in one take and are offered a cappella. Regeneration of a structure occurs through repetition as with yogic mantras, so a chant may be repeated for several minutes.


To create a sacred geometry song as a healing tool was a new idea. In May 2015, Genai heard her inner voice suggest, "Bring through Sacred Geometry songs and translate the light. If you start now, you can be done in ten days." It was suggested from within that she create the songs by holding each geometric shape or a drawing in her hand, then receive the light from the object and translate it into vocal tones, rhythm, and melody.

Featured Songs: 

Each of the songs below is listed with the associated physical, emotional, and mental correspondences for healing. ​​

1. The Flower of Life (3:31) DNA, Liver, Negative Thoughts

2. The Square (3:35) Bones, Kidney, Urinary Tract, Emotions

3. The Octahedron (3:50) Bones, Pancreas, Emotions like Stress

4. The Golden Spiral (3:30) Atoms, Brain, Bronchi, Thymus, Wrists, Ankles, Spiritual

5. The Tetrahedron (6:22) Bronchi, Adrenal Glands, Arms/Legs, Spiritual

6. The Six-Pointed Star (4:42) Pineal Gland, Connection to Soul

7. The Sphere (4:36) Small and Large Intestine, Emotions

8. Cube with Tetrahedron Inside (4:13) Pituitary Gland, Large Intestine, Sexual Organs, Accepting Emotions

9. Fahrey Gateway (4:52) Ears, Sinuses, Adrenal Glands, Clearing Emotions

10. The Five-Pointed Star (6:45) Nervous System, Kidneys, Arms, Feet, Emotions like Anxiety

11. Vesica Piscis (4:03) Tongue, Duodenum, Legs, Wrists, Ankles, Mental Overload/Congestion


To receive a complete healing treatment, listen to the album or individual songs three times--once to relax, again to receive images or visions as you relax more deeply, then listen once more to feel the vibrational effect in your body.


Effects can be quite altering, so don't drive a car or operate machinery while listening to the album.

Sacred Geometry Healing Songs

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