Vibrational Alchemy Energy Healing with Genai

“Genai's work is on the highest level. The results are amazing. She is by far the best healer I have ever experienced. She is truly blessed and very gifted. She has changed my life. She helps me to see what I am holding and helps me to release. I give her five stars. She has such a gift to make one feel special with her knowledge, caring, and compassion. I recommend her to everyone.

- C. A., L.M.T., Bonita Springs, Florida 

“My confidence level has been much higher since our one session! I can’t believe we accomplished so much so quickly.”

- J. G., Naples, Florida 

Thank you again, Genai! You lift me up when I work with you in so many ways!

- G. H., Naples, Florida 

I love you. I thank you. You are a wonderful healer.

- A. S., Naples, Florida 

Swanstar Essences

“I am really blown away by the use of the Swanstar Essences and the Clear Being Aura Mist. First the spray is helping clear the counseling rooms I am working in extremely well... As soon as I started using them, challenges with my work started to smooth out and with continued use, I found I could more calmly handle perplexing situations as they came up. Additionally, I have been feeling like I can access more of what excites me about life and my work than I had been able to, and in general, I am feeling more calm during stressful events. THANKS GENAI!”

- A. C., Portland, Oregon 

My 11-year-old triplets have enjoyed the essences you chose for them. Marissa says the essences gave her energy, and a good feeling, which she had never felt before. Alex says the Kuan Yin Essence made him feel balanced. Brett says they helped him feel calm, energized, and smarter."

- Gina Weiley, R.N., Naples, Florida 

Sleepwell Mist is amazing. With just a few sprays around my body and my bed I enjoy deep, restful sleep. It has been more effective than prescribed sleep medication I have used in the past.”

- A. S., Naples, Florida 

Thousand Petals Organic Cream has earned a place in our cupboard. It's been good for my rotator cuff, as well as post-surgery soreness. We are also using it on my husband's aching arthritic knees. He says it helps.

- D. G., Austin, Texas 

Classes and Workshops

The flower essence class was exceptional. I learned new information about the energetic body in addition to obtaining a working knowledge of flower essences. Genai has a beautiful spirit and presents the class in an enjoyable manner in a supportive group environment. The hands-on experience of creating our personal essence blend was empowering and amazing.

- C. T., Naples, Florida

Genai is an excellent teacher, committed to her students' progress.

- Student 

“I like the small classes and teacher availability!

- Student

The best part is the interactive healing practices.

- Student