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Classes and Workshops Testimonials

Genai is an excellent teacher, committed to her students' progress.

- Student, Naples, Florida 

“I like the small classes and teacher availability!

- Student

The best part is the interactive healing practices.

- Student

The flower essence class was exceptional...The hands-on experience of creating our personal essence blend was empowering and amazing.

- C. T., Naples, Florida

“4+ Outstanding!”

- Student

“Thank you for giving the “Shamanism and Healing” class. It was awesome and it was a perfect mix for the group. Loved the ease you had in presenting the material and letting Spirit set the pace. Loved that everyone felt safe to be themselves, think that had something to do with being with you. You just flowed with such ease all weekend. I loved watching you weave.”

- C. A., Fort Myers, FL


“The flower essence class was extremely informational giving knowledge and experiential messages of spirit from spirit to spirit. Personal physical reactions confirmed the response to the essences with sudden temperature rise, pounding heart, feelings of bliss and extreme relaxation. The day of experiences reconfirmed my sense of knowing. I am extremely grateful to have you in my life, Genai. You bring a fullness to it that I would hate to have ever missed. Thank you for sharing so generously of your time and knowledge. I respect it, and you, enormously.”

- R. S. M., Naples, FL


“The flower essence class was exceptional. I learned new information about the energetic body in addition to obtaining a working knowledge of flower essences. Genai has a beautiful spirit and presents the class in an enjoyable manner in a supportive group environment. The hands-on experience of creating our personal essence blend was empowering and amazing.” 

- C. T., Naples, FL


“I felt the flower essence class was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the surroundings at Happehatchee. The teachings were very impressive to me. I also enjoyed doing hands on and creating my essence blend. Everything was wonderful! I enjoy the energy that surrounds you, Genai. Thank you for coming into my life.” 

- J. G., Naples, FL


“Thanks for your Awakening the Cosmic Heart gathering at the Happehatchee Center in Estero. It was an evening filled with light, love and healing. Her sacred songs brought the vibration in the room to a very high level. When she invited the class to join in with our own sacred sounds, the vibration rose even higher. By the end of the session my chakras were humming in perfect harmony. I felt as if I had received a spiritual tune-up! A most powerful evening.” 

- M. R., Southwest FL


“I enjoyed the workshop on the chakras. I felt great when I left, and it gave me new impetus to meditation on a daily basis!” 

- Student


“Thank you for the wonderful Soul Safari Meditation class experience last night! I know that everyone enjoyed the class and went home feeling very good. I know I did, and had very interesting dreams (clear and vivid). I am looking forward to next week.”

- C. B., Naples, FL


“I really enjoyed Thursday morning meditation class, thank you. I felt very lifted when I left and more at ease with myself than I have for a couple of weeks.”

- S. M., Fort Myers Beach, FL


“Thanks for another fascinating presentation. Keep up the innovative work.” 

- D. E., Fort Myers, FL

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