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Swanstar Essences Flower Essences
Swanstar Essences Flower Essences

Custom Flower Essence Blends


Individual Support and Healing 

Genai creates custom flower essence blends, uniquely attuned to your energies and needs, selected from her personal library of nearly 1000 flower essences. The stock she draws from has been carefully selected by her inner guidance from a variety of locations and makers, including Swanstar Essences, Lightwater Essences, and Texas Wildflower Essences, as well as Perelandra Essences, Green Hope Farms Essences, Desert Alchemy Essences, and Delta Gardens Essences. Once the 2-7 flower essences are blended in a sterile bottle of distilled water, she intuits the theme and dosage for you. You will also receive a personalized report about your very own blend, featuring channeled definitions for each flower essence. This information may be helpful in identifying areas for self-study, surrender, and affirmations, or help you notice the flower essences' effects on your process.


Prices vary based on time and product. Contact Genai at 239-298-4839.


Tenatsali Flower Essence Blends

All relationships provide an opportunity to grow, but they are often challenging. Even though the love is great, we may have areas of disharmony, struggle, or “bumping” as partners, in families, and with friends. By bringing shared behaviors or blind spots into consciousness, greater harmony results. This is where flower essences shine.


So it is with the Tenatsali Process (Medicine Flower in Zuni) created by Bonney Whittington, founder of Lightwater Essences. As Genai connects with your souls and dowses with a pendulum, each party chooses the flower essences and amounts for a bouquet/blend. Sometimes the number of flower essences chosen is evenly selected by both, sometimes one chooses more than the other. Permission from both parties is required. Genai selects from over 750 All One Peace essences from flowers, stars, sacred sites, holy wells, and more to find the ones that are most useful at the time.


Each party receives a one-ounce bottle of the same custom blend of essences in distilled water, plus a joint 20-minute consultation with Genai to answer any questions. You also receive a report of the essences and their channeled messages/meanings along with a recommended dosage for each person.


Tenatsali Essence Blends are perfect for:

  • Engagements and Weddings

  • Moving in Together

  • Separation or Divorce

  • Parents and Adult Children

  • Friends


As in all ceremonial magic or shamanic processes, using the drops is up to you. Doing the inner work of self-acceptance and awareness that arises is up to you. The more your intention, your focus and willingness is engaged, the greater the result.


Genai is available for follow-up consultation and intuitive coaching if desired.


$150 for essences, consultation, and report with messages from nature. 

Contact Genai at 239-298-4839.

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