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All One Peace Founder Genai

“Our work together brought up old unresolved issues and feelings quickly and easily. I was then able to deal with them readily in psychotherapy.

I recommend your work without reservation for anyone interested in renewal, healing and growth.”

- Linda Dysart, R.N., Evergreen, CO

Transform Your Life with Genai

Transformation is the name of the game. We are all facing new challenges today as technologies, climate change and migration, economics, and the elevation of the planet to a higher vibrational state call us to step up.


Mentoring with Genai, a master healer and teacher, supports your personal transformation. Her professional healing and teaching practice of nearly 40 years, as well as her own evolution, informs her process.


As you work with her, you will:

  • Learn to identify your fear-based behaviors, so you can shift them to love.

  • Learn practices to create and deepen your relationship with your inner self.

  • Learn to listen within for your own truth, peace, and wise guidance.

  • Raise your vibration.

  • Find freedom from within to “dance to your own drummer.”

These one-on-one sessions are available to a limited number of students on a sliding scale and will be offered either weekly or bi-monthly by phone, Zoom, or in person. Genai asks for a four-month commitment to begin.

Sessions will be tailored to your personal goals and may include deep listening, channeled messages, clairvoyant/clairaudient reading, energy flow readings, shamanic or spiritual healing, past life clearing, vocal sound healing, custom flower essence blends, and practices to do at home.

If self-discovery and transformation speak to you, call 239.298.4839 or contact Genai to discuss your goals and schedule your first visit.

Genai is an excellent teacher, committed to her students' progress.

- Student 

Thank you again, Genai! You lift me up when I work with you in so many ways!

- G. H., Naples, Florida 

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