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Flower Essences


What Are Flower Essences?


Flower essences are an infusion of the vibrational or energetic pattern of the flower, star, or gem into a carrier such as brandy or distilled water. They are known for their ability to provide safe and gentle emotional and mental support during times of change.


Edward Bach, M.D., a homeopathic physician, developed the first flower essences 70 years ago. While they have received more recognition in Europe than in the United States, many are familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies. As a branch of homeopathy, hundreds of makers now provide thousands of essences.


As with homeopathics, drops can be taken under the tongue, or in a glass of water, placed in the bath, sprayed, or can be "beamed" telepathically. Homeopathic principles apply, such as “like to like”—the flower or leaf shape or characteristic indicates a body part which can be healed by that plant—and “more is less,” which refers to achieving a less material and more vibrational product by dilution of the infusion.


What Are the Benefits of Flower Essences?


Flower essences bring to consciousness the emotional and mental causes of disease that are hidden in the unconscious. Flower essences also provide useful support during times of stress or powerful growth/change curves, such as moving, separation, or loss. Other benefits may include: greater integration and enlivening of higher aspects of personality or spirit, reduced stress, flashes of insight, crisis support, and overall improvement in well-being. Vibrational essences are a complement, not a substitute for medical therapies.


How Are Flower Essences Made?


Most flower essences, including our Texas Wildflower Essences, are made by the Bach method, in which a flower is cut, placed in a bowl of water, placed in the sun, so the vibration of the flower is infused into the water. The water is then diluted and the essence preserved in brandy, distilled water, or vinegar. 


Swanstar and Lightwater Essences are made by a telepathic process of direct communication with the nature spirits in which nothing is cut or killed. The deva or nature spirit places a copy of its energy pattern, as a gift to mankind, into the bottle of distilled water that is provided. This becomes a “mother” essence. A second or even third dilution makes a stock bottle strength. We then test this for content and effectiveness before making it available.  

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