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“Thank you so much for the special love, support, and spiritual light during my surgery and recovery. My doctor was amazed at how smoothly the surgery went and how little I bled. I also was more alert and had less pain than my roommate who had the same surgery a couple of hours earlier. I know you played a large part in this, and I am very grateful.”

- Kathy Taylor, Santa Rosa, CA

“Our son had no bruising after major eye surgery. I think it was your work that made the difference.” 

- Annie Nord, Atlanta, GA

Cancer Treatment and Surgery Support


Cancer treatment and surgeries bring their own health side effects from

chemotherapy, radiation, CT and MRI scans, medications, and anesthesia.

Complementary care with natural vibrational medicine can offer relief in many cases. 


During Genai’s own cancer treatment with state-of-the-art medicine over a  period of five years, she found that the flower essences helped her:

  • heal wounds more quickly,

  • clear toxicity,

  • improve digestion,

  • reduce stress, and

  • lift up to a more positive mental and emotional state.


Flower essences have supported Genai and they may be able to help you, too. She went from a stage IV metastasized end-of-life diagnosis to cancer-free in eight weeks of treatment with chemo and complementary care. Download more information on how she used these products for her own healing.


Recommended Products for Complementary Care


Here are a few of Genai's personal favorites for complementary care:


  • Safe & Sound Stress Kit. Genai has used this four-essence remedy to reduce stress and trauma before and after treatments, surgeries, and tests, and before and after IV infusions at the IV sites.


  • Clear Being Aura Mist. This mist balances, uplifts, and transforms, opening us to receive miracles both small and large. Genai mists this around her once or twice a day to uplift her attitude and mental state. She also mists her room and home regularly to clear negativity. The light fragrance of frankincense, lavender, and anise is uplifting, too! It’s also effective for clearing hotels and hospitals when travelling. Mist the room twice about 20 minutes apart.

  • Sleepwell Mist. This remedy can be used as often as you like and has no chemical side effects like grogginess or confusion, so you can wake up refreshed. And it does the job! You can use it anytime you wake up to help you go back to sleep. A friend described her feeling as being surrounded by a green moss soft crib bumper in a lush forest. Chemical sleep aids taken at night left Genai groggy through much of the next day. Sleepwell just helped her sleep deeply and peacefully.

  • Aloe Vera Flower Essence. This is wonderful for digestion to soothe the effects of GERD. It also seems to help with the chemical hot flashing that can accompany chemotherapy, a strange feeling of waves of heat throughout the body not unlike menopausal hot flashes.

  • River of Life Lymph Clearing Mist. Surgeries like mediports, biopsies, and tumor removal may involve anesthesia, iodine, or other IV meds that can create fatigue or lower one's immune system. By following them up with River of Life the lymphatic system can be supported in a new way. Use two or three times a day for a week following procedures for gentle cleansing. If lymphatic drainage or other lymph treatments are used, then this can help prolong the benefits of the treatment by using it daily for five days after.

  • Custom Flower Essence Blends. Many times during treatment Genai has blended custom flower essences to help her with a particular problem or issue. She draws from nearly 1000 flower essences in the process. Genai will dowse for free by appointment to determine what might be best to help you.

  • Amarya: Dreaming the Dance. Give anxiety a night off. Genai’s gentle chants calm and soothe the soul creating a safe environment. The harmonics balance the energy system and bring peace to cells, muscles, joints, and nerves. Genai has used this at night for relaxation and healing. Play it for 20, 40, or 60 minutes as needed to rest and relax.

  • Telepathic Surgical Support. Genai and Richard Wachs have been offering telepathic and spiritual healing for nearly 40 years. They offer several processes to support patients during surgeries to clear hospital rooms, uplift the environment, and hold positive energy for healing. Our clients’ doctors remark about reduced blood loss, more rapid recovery, and other benefits following surgery.

Recommendations for Caregivers 


Caregivers need support too, and many of these same products will be useful to them. In addition, Shaman's Secret Shield Oil helps secure personal boundaries and protect from negative energies. Caregivers may also find Genai's pamphlets Intuitive Choices: Four Ways to Choose from Your Heart and Nine Jewels for the Soul: Easy Meditations Create a Peaceful Mind offer good self-care ideas and tips. Also, Genai's 20 Minutes to Peace offers a guided daily meditation program for relaxation and healing.


Suggested Products 
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