Nine Jewels for the Soul: Meditations for a Peaceful Mind [Book]

Easy Meditations Create A Peaceful Mind
by Genai Ellen Wachs

Genai’s nine favorite self-healing exercises use breathing, imagery, color, solar toning, and affirmations. Anyone can do them!

Nine Jewels for the Soul: Meditations for a Peaceful Mind [Book]

  • NINE JEWELS FOR THE SOUL can help you:
    - Relieve stress and strain, restoring harmony to everyday life.
    - Enhance mental clarity and focus.
    - Improve stress-induced short term memory loss.
    - Strengthen your immune system.
    - Recharge vitality and prevent burnout.
    - Align with your soul purpose. Find peaceful mind.

    The many demands on your time can lead to burnout and flattened feelings. Pick your two or three favorites to begin. They’re easy to learn and fun to do. Give yourself just l0 minutes every day for a month to practice. See the results!

    Now learn a couple more, then rotate them. Never be bored with repetition. Self-paced. A loving gift idea for caregivers and world-servers.

    Perfect for all ages. Can be done from a wheelchair or bed. Reduces stress for kids and elderly. Just 10 minutes a day can bring relief.

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