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Private Energy Healing Sessions


Do you want to feel better? Relieve pain? Balance your emotions?


Soothe your soul in a private Vibrational Alchemy session with Genai. In these one-on-one sessions, Genai draws upon her 30 years of experience as a master energy healer, vibrational alchemist, and teacher to help you create lasting, positive change in your life.


Each session is as unique as you are.


Vibrational Alchemy private sessions may include:


Spiritual Mentoring and Teaching

Define your own path with personal coaching or private and group seminars for self-healing, meditation, transformation, intuitive development and confidence building. Genai starts where you are, then helps you move forward to your goals.


What's Next? A Reading for the Year Ahead 

Genai offers a reading of your next 12 months with a new take on your life. Soul themes, kinds and times of choices, and tools to support you will all be explored. This may bring into focus some decisions to be made or directions to be explored. It is not a fortune-telling, nor will she tell you what to decide, but the channeling offers a new perspective of probable events based on the choices you have made in the past and may suggest ways you can change direction to work in greater harmony with nature. A digital .mp3 recording is provided. 45 or 60 minutes. 


Telepathic Pregnancy, Childbirth, or Surgical Support

Challenging pregnancies, childbirths, and surgeries have responded well to telepathic and spiritual healing. Genai and Richard Wachs have been offering this support for nearly 30 years. They have several processes to support patients during surgeries to clear hospital rooms, uplift the environment in the surgical suite, and hold positive energy for healing. Our clients' doctors remark about reduced blood loss and more rapid recovery.


Home Blessing and Land Balancing

Homes are like people, they are affected by the energies and thoughts of those who occupy them, and the disruptions from construction, or other traumatic events. Genai can clear, balance, bless and invigorate your home, garden, farm, or other property with specially blended nature essences and sacred chants. Her work with Swanstar Essences from flowers, sacred sites, and stars relieves geopathic stress in the earth and emotional stress in your home, just as it does with people. Using her intuitive perceptions she can also locate and open healing portals or energy vortexes to raise the property’s natural vibration for attraction, abundance, and fertility. Or she can guide you to create your own earth healing ceremony.




Phone Appointments

Genai works with clients from all over the world via phone or Zoom.

To schedule a phone appointment, contact Genai at 239.298.4839. 


In-person Appointments

Genai meets clients in person by appointment only. Contact Genai to schedule an appointment at 239.298.4839.



30 min.                       $  85

45 min.                       $125

60 min.                       $165

90 min.                       $225


Pre-paid, discounted 4, 6, and 10 hour packages are also available. Contact Genai for more information. 



Private Healing Sessions, Aura, All One Peace

“Our work together brought up old unresolved issues and feelings quickly and easily. I was then able to deal with them readily in psychotherapy.

I recommend your work without reservation for anyone interested in renewal, healing and growth.”

- Linda Dysart, R.N., Evergreen, CO

“Thanks for healing my laryngitis so my voice could be heard. Your sincerity and purity of intention is a powerful combination for the gifts you have received, and are willing to share with others.”

Mary Ann Lord, Austin, TX

Telepathic Support
Spiritual Mentoring and Teaching
The Next Year in Review
Home Blessing and Land Balancing
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