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Private Healing Sessions, Aura, All One Peace

“After suffering from Covid symptoms for multiple weeks, Richard helped clear the infection from my system. I felt better in a couple of days.”

- Client, Pennsylvania

Energy Healing with Richard Wachs


Do you want to feel better? Relieve pain? Clear old emotional wounds and injuries? Balance your emotions? Richard can help.


In one-on-one sessions, Richard Wachs draws upon his 30 years of experience as a successful telepathic, empathic, energy healer to help you create greater health and wellness in your life.


Each session is as unique as you are.

Richard's private in-person or by phone healing sessions include:


Telepathic Pregnancy, Childbirth, or Surgical Support

Challenging pregnancies, childbirths, cancer and surgeries have responded well to telepathic and spiritual healing. Richard has processes to support patients during surgeries to remotely clear hospital rooms, uplift the environment in the surgical suite, and hold positive energy for healing.

In-Person and Phone Appointments

Richard works with clients from all over the world via phone or Zoom.

To schedule a phone appointment with Richard, call him at 239-298-4840.


Fees for Energy Healing with Richard

Clients like to donate to Richard in appreciation for his work. Donations are welcome! No fee is named or required. 


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