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Classes and Workshops


Our classes weave five natural wisdom strands for healing mind, body, and spirit to bring you to inner contact with your essential Being or True Self: 

  • Personal Empowerment and Self-healing Skills

  • Serpentfire Energy Healing and Yoga

  • Quantum Flower Essence Therapy

  • Telepathic Healing

  • Vocal Sound Healing


To register or with any questions, call Genai at 239-298-4839 or email her at To keep up to date on our classes, please subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Serpentfire Energy Healing Trainings are marked by an asterisk (*) below. To see the Serpentfire Healing Program page, go here


Living in an Ocean of Love Spiritual Mentoring Adventure for Women complete details are found here.

To provide better national access, we have moved most of our classes to Zoom. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive announcements about new classes.

From the Cosmic Loom: A Sound Healing Experience - Two Live California Events!

Join us in Mt. Shasta or Nevada City, as Genai brings through sacred healing chants, and ancient songs of light from the Cosmic Loom, the eternal fabric where Infinite Light meets creation. Her four-octave voice is often likened to a crystal bowl. Created in the moment for each circle, Genai’s Lemurian light language songs and speech dissolve blocked energy to unite body, mind, soul, and spirit in love.

Listeners often report profound peace, relief of stress and anxiety, remembrance and release of past lives, regeneration of life force, spinal adjustments, or feeling they have “come home” at last. As she weaves multi-dimensional harmonics of heaven and earth, her voice awakens the One Song in us all.

Genai Ellen Wachs, B.A., C.Ht., Rev., “the soul doctor of Santa Fe,” has been translating Nature’s sacred light songs and chants for twenty-three years and making flower essence light remedies for twenty-eight. Albums will be available for at-home self-healing. Learn more about her five chant and meditation albums, nature essences, classes and Serpentfire Energy Healing training at this website.

Sunday, May 21, 2023 3:00-4:30pm (PDT) - Soul Connections Community Center, 329 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Monday, May 22, 2023 6:00-7:30pm (PDT) - Inner Path, 200 Commercial Street, Nevada City, CA 95959

Suggested Donation: $20-40 at the door

Serpentfire Voice Yoga For Self-Healing, Nevada City, CA

Join the fun in Nevada City, as we explore using our voices to self-heal in a safe place. Relieve stress, anxiety, improve breathing and expression. Vocal warmup exercises and meditation. Humming and toning with the chakras to balance your life force. Find your own essence song within.

Genai Ellen Wachs, B.A., C.Ht., Rev., has been a spirit-singer for 23 years, and has been teaching energy self-healing and healing others for 36 years. This is an introduction to Genai's weekend training, Serpentfire Voice Yoga (for healing self and others). Learn more at

A few of her five albums will be available for at-home healing.

Wednesday, May 24, 5:00-6:45pm (PDT) - Inner Path, 200 Commercial Street, Nevada City, CA 95959

$35 at the door

Summer Solstice SANTU: A Sound Healing Adventure - LIVE

Join us in Espanola, NM for a sacred sound healing adventure for your soul at this powerful time of the brightest light of the year. With sacred songs and healing chants channeled by Genai, we will co-create a vehicle for healing body, mind, soul, and spirit. Like crystal bowls and tuning forks, Genai's four-octave voice opens blocked energies, making more room for self-love.

Journey within. Or travel to the stars. The destination is your soul's choice, a very personal transformational experience. Santu is an energy stream of supersensible, sacred songs and chants in Nature’s language of light. As she weaves multi-dimensional harmonics of heaven and earth, her voice awakens the One Song in us all.

Listeners report healing for stress and anxiety, release of past lives, healing of relationships, and profound relaxation and insights. Come home to your Self.
“Magical!” “Uplifting.” “Pure Spirit!”

The Dome of Light is located 25 minutes north of Santa Fe. Built on ley lines and an energy vortex, it creates a powerful connection to the earth and the stars. The structure and location of the Dome amplifies the healing powers of sound. For more about the Dome, including directions, go to

Genai's five song and meditation albums will be available for at-home healing. Learn more about her five chant and meditation albums at

Sunday, June 18, 2023, 2:30-3:45 p.m.

Suggested Donation: $20 at the door. For directions go to Please arrive by 2:15, so we can begin on time at 2:30. This is a fragrance-free event. There will be no incense used. Please leave perfumes at home. Thank you.

*Telepathic Healing: The Hidden Power of Your Mind 2023

Join Genai and Richard Wachs to learn ways to send mental healing images to the inner mind of another for healing surgeries, wounds, root canals, bone spurs, challenged pregnancies, vision, and more. You only need your imagination and a desire to help others. You will learn and practice simple imaging methods along with guiding principles and ethics.

Expanding on the 1970’s book, Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing, by Bibb and Weed, Genai and Richard deliver new methods for successful telepathic healing founded on their combined 55 years of practice.

For all practitioners of natural healing, Reiki, massage, energy medicine, allopathic medicine, nurses, and ministers. Family members can help children, grand-children, aunts and uncles, parents and grand-parents.

Two Sundays, May 28 and June 4, 2023, 9:30 am-5:00 pm (MST) both days (8:30 pm-4:00 pm PST; 10:30 am-6:00 pm CST; 11:30 am-7:00 pm EST). On Zoom.

Fees: $333 to be paid by November 10, 2022. Early Bird registration of $295 by November 1, 2022. Cash, checks and credit cards are welcome. Cards will be charged an additional 2%. Sales tax will be charged for New Mexicans.

To register: Call or text Genai at 239.298.4839 or email

*Quantum Flower Essence Therapy: Entering the Heart of Nature 2023

Enter the heart of nature to learn how to choose and use our high-frequency, multi-dimensional, tel-homeopathic (telepathic+ homeopathic) flower essences. Learn to directly communicate with the natural world of flowers, stars, and sacred sites to co-create natural essence remedies.

Open the door to dowsing, muscle-testing, heart communion and receiving messages from the devas or nature spirits. Learn to create blends of multiple essences, how to get a dosage, and receive definitions from the nature devas.

You will receive a quantum flower essence therapy kit in advance for practice during this class. Early registration is required in order to ship your essence kit in advance of the class.

Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20, 2023, 9:30 am-5:00pm MDT both days (8:30 am-4:00 pm PDT, AZ; 10:30 am-6:00 pm CDT; 11:30 am-7:00 pm EDT). On Zoom.

Fees: $333 to be paid by August 9, 2023. Early Bird registration of $295 by July 15, 2023. Save $38. Workshop notebook is included in fee. Additional materials fee for essence kit $75 plus $10 shipping totals $85. Kit includes 5 essences: 4 essences with droppers, 1 multi-essence blend with droppers. Your kit will also include a free 2 oz. blended Clear Being Aura Mist, plus two free sterile blending bottles of distilled water ($20 value). Cash, checks, and credit cards are welcome. Cards will be charged an additional 2%. Sales tax will be charged for New Mexicans.

To register: Call or text Genai at 239.298.4839 or email

*Healing the Body Electric 2023

Learn to heal with your hands, heart and intention in the energy field and chakras in this Serpentfire foundational course. Learn principles and practices for bringing the healing power of love to mind-body-spirit challenges.

You will learn how to sense and interpret energy with your hands, how to balance chakras and the brain, and use color therapy to
• Relieve pain for yourself and the elderly, kids, and pets,
• Reduce stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure,
• Reduce wound and surgery healing time, and
• Assist the terminally ill.

You will also learn and experience how to
• Give healing in person and at a distance
• Use four intuitive assessment methods, such as dowsing with a pendulum and muscle testing
• Balance your own chakras or energy centers
• Clear blocks in the auric field using sound, light, and color
• Clear your space and your energy field from negative influences
• Expand trust in your creativity
• Meditate for self-care

Course Training Manual is included with techniques for healing yourself and others, intuition development, color therapy, and more.

Saturday and Sunday, October 14-15, 2023, 9:30 am-5:00 pm (MDT) both days. In person.

Fees: $333 to be paid by October 11, 2023. Early Bird registration of $295 by September 15, 2023. Save $38. Cash, checks and credit cards are welcome. Credit Cards will be charged an additional 2%. Sales tax will be charged for New Mexicans.

To register: Call or text Genai at 239.298.4839 or email

*Energy Healing for the Back, the Spine and the Will 2023

Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, healing touch therapists, and holistic nurses will find this class extremely useful.

Learn energy anatomy for the back and to heal the spine, the chakras and the will with your hands in this Serpentfire Energy Healing weekend. Learn to assess, clear, heal, relieve pain, and strengthen vitality in the back chakras and vertebrae. Learn each of the back chakras and its correspondences to the will. Self-healing for the back with spiritual healing using a pendulum (dowsing).

Develop energy field sensing with hands and intuitive reading. Learn to align the personal and Divine Will using your hands. Learn how to use a pendulum to check the flow of prana or chi through the spine and back chakras. Learn how to aid others with death and dying.

Saturday and Sunday, January 20-21, 2024, 9:30 am-5:00 pm (MT) both days (8:30-4:00 PT, AZ; 10:30-6:00pm CT; 11:30-7:00pm ET). In person class. Address provided on registration.

Fees: $333 to be paid by March 23, 2023. Early Bird registration of $295 by March 1, 2023. Save $38. Cash, checks and credit cards are welcome. Cards will be charged an additional 2%. Sales tax will be charged for New Mexicans.

To register or for more information, call or text Genai at 239.298.4839 or email

*Serpentfire Voice Yoga 2024

Learn to use your voice to heal yourself and others. Learn vocal strengthening exercises, humming, toning for the chakras, and how to sing the voice of your soul. Learn to be a Serpentfire song-catcher of healing soul songs and chants for others. Awaken the power to move love from your heart to the magic of your voice, as heaven and earth energies enliven you in deep meditation. Develop the voice of the mystic healer in you with songs, ethical spiritual messages, and the power of the intentional word.

Spring 2024 TBA

Fees: $333 to be paid in advance. Early Bird registration of $295.

Initiation: How to Make Your Own Quantum Flower Essences 2024

Learn Genai's secrets for making her telepathic flower essence remedies. Receive initiation and multi-dimensional attunements to the nature spirits or devas. Learn skills for collecting and co-creating your own tel-homeopathic essence remedies in direct communication with the nature devas. Learn how to demonstrate your sensitivity and loving commitment to nature, then collaborate, by translating intuitive messages and definitions from the nature spirits telepathically.

In addition to collecting the essence, the class includes production, such as how to create your own stock and dosage bottles using distilled water, labels, preparation and sterilization of bottles, resources for supplies, and secure storage for "mother" essences.

Genai has been researching, co-creating, translating, producing, and selling over 800 Swanstar Essences, Texas Wildflower Essences, and Lightwater Essences, for 25 years.

Summer 2024
Dates and Fees TBA.

We expect this weekend will sell out quickly once the dates are announced. If you are interested in taking this class, please notify Genai now, so she can offer you the dates as soon as they are available.

Genai and Richard 2b.png

Join Genai and Richard Wachs for an exciting experience of Telepathic Healing: The Hidden Power of Your Mind in May 2023.

“Genai is an excellent teacher, committed to her students' progress.” 

- Student, Naples, Florida

“Thank you for giving the ‘Shamanism and Healing’ class. It was awesome and it was a perfect mix for the group. Loved the ease you had in presenting the material and letting Spirit set the pace. Loved that everyone felt safe to be themselves, think that had something to do with being with you. You just flowed with such ease all weekend. I loved watching you weave.”

- C. A., Fort Myers, FL

“Thanks for another fascinating presentation. Keep up the innovative work.”

- D. E., Fort Myers, FL

“The best part is the interactive healing practices.”

- Student

“I like the small classes and teacher availability!”

- Student

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