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Vibrational Alchemy Energy Healing Testimonials

“My one session with you has changed my life. In the last year I have been moving quickly, learning from a variety of healers different modalities. I am on fire with purpose!”

- D. B., Naples, Florida 

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing of my psyche and beingness. What a great gift you are to us all. I found myself singing later and cried with joy. I have not been able to sing except on Christmas Eve for last few years. I couldn't hit notes or find my place in sound. Last night I sang and sang, changing keys and hearing my place and soaring on the joy of it. Thank you with all my heart for removing the block and restoring this joy to me!

- E. L., Atlanta, Georgia 

“Genai’s healing work is on the highest level. The results are amazing. She is by far the best healer I have ever experienced. She is truly blessed and very gifted. She has changed my life. She helps me to see what I am holding and helps me to release. I give her five stars. She has such a gift to make one feel special with her knowledge, caring, and compassion. I recommend her to everyone.” 

- C. A., LMT, Bonita Springs, FL


“Genai, thank you so much for guiding me on my journey! I have truly noticed a significant shift within myself. I am so blessed to have you in my life!! I have learned so much and am looking forward to learning more!”

- R. S., Atlanta, GA


“I love you. I thank you. You are a wonderful healer.” 

- A. S., Naples, FL


“My confidence level has been much higher since our one session! I can’t believe we accomplished so much so quickly.” 

- J. G., Naples, FL


“I am still receiving benefits from the CD of our first session. Last Saturday, I stubbed my little toe seriously on a suitcase. During the night, it hurt so badly I began to think I might have broken it. I rubbed it with more Healing AC Cream, put magnets on it, and listened to your CD. I think the chanting from the CD did a lot to relieve the pain as I was soon asleep! It did wonders for me and does each time I listen to it!” 

- J. S., Spartanburg, SC


“THANK YOU AGAIN, GENAI, YOU LIFT ME UP WHEN I WORK WITH YOU IN SO MANY WAYS. MY LEFT ARM IS FEELING SO MUCH BETTER NOW, 95% BETTER!! I am really happy with the progress I am making right now. I don’t seem to receive messages for people anymore, but seem to get clearer insights about me. I am also not feeling like I am picking up on other people’s issues, i.e.: 'seeing' their sickness, etc.”

- G. H., Naples, FL


“I am feeling much better today and so are my ears. This feels like a miracle of God.” 

- K. S., Austin, TX


“Thanks again, Genai. I keep reading your papers and listened to the CD. Before I got a few of the things you were trying to tell me. But Sunday morning I was sitting out on my porch with my coffee and listening to The Secret and it hit me all things you said and what was being said to me and it was like a wave of water, washing over me, 'How did I overlook so much about myself?' Thanks for your help. I’m on the right road for sure.”

- D. B., Naples, FL


“I wanted to let you know I got a job and had a stress free summer not worrying about work due to our session and my horse was healthy which allowed us to go to a horseshow where he did very well, so many, many thanks!!!!!”

- J. V. S., Corvallis, OR

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