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Lightwater Essences
Lightwater Essences Bottle, Andromedean Shells

“Evolutionary and light years beyond the scope of present day understanding of the potential of flower essences.”

- David Dalton, owner and researcher, 

Delta Gardens Essences

“Thanks for the Red Scorpion Essence. When I applied the essence, my fire ant bite stopped itching immediately and I never gave it another thought.” 

- R. McGowan, Houston, TX

Lightwater Essences


A new octave of healing from the earth and stars


Bonney Whittington's Lightwater Essences give us a new octave of healing and perception with over 640 vibrational healing patterns co-created with Nature from flowers, trees, stars, galaxies, and more. Her book, Lightwater Essences: For Understanding the Heart of Nature, offers 440 channeled meditations and angelic messages, which carry the healing vibrations of the essences themselves. 


Most Lightwater Essences can be used as complementary or spiritual medicine to benefit people, plants, and pets. Others, such as those in the "Soil Song" series and the "Soil Star Song" series, are for regeneration of the soil for gardening and agriculture. Still others, like the essences in the "Acknowledgement" series, are for repairing plants damaged by bio-engineering.


Lightwater Essences support you emotionally and mentally during times of change, healing, and recovery. They can also help balance your garden or land and support the earth.


No Alcohol, Allergens, or Chemicals


All Lightwater Essences are chemical-free, fragrance-free, contain no additives, and are preserved in bottles of distilled water. They are safe for children, pets, sensitives, and those with allergies. An "all green" product, nothing was cut or killed and no physical material touched water during their telhomeopathic creation.


Two Types of Lightwater Essences


Lightwater Essences offer two choices for essence use:


  • Single Flower Essences. Multi-dimensional essences from stars, sacred sites, flowers, and Spirit.

  • Sets and Kits. Featured sets of Lightwater Essences products are available online for limited periods of time, and offerings rotate regularly. Sets are sold at a 20% discount. 

Featured Products


To see a complete list and description of Lightwater Essences, please order Lightwater Essences: For Understanding the Heart of Nature. In addition to the products available online here, all individual essences and sets of Lightwater Essences may be ordered by calling Genai at 239-298-4839. 


Single 0.5 oz. essences are $15 each. Save 20% when you buy a set! 

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