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Lightwater Essences: For Understanding the Heart of Nature [Book]
For Understanding the Heart of Nature
by Bonney Whittington

172 pages, 8" x 11", spiral bound

Lightwater Essences: For Understanding the Heart of Nature [Book]

  • This second edition of LIGHTWATER ESSENCES extends the flower essence work begun seventy years ago by Dr. Edward Bach into a new octave of subtle energy healing by Bonney Whittington. To read the messages for these over 600 vibrational essence is to step into new ways of thinking about your world, who you are, and, perhaps, expand the answer to “what is reality?”

    You, your family, pets, plants, garden and soil may receive emotional, mental and spiritual healing support from each nature essence in LIGHTWATER ESSENCES.

    A text, a song, and a psalm, LIGHTWATER ESSENCES:
    - Pioneers advanced energy medicine.
    - Presents over 600 nature essences with definitions for over 400.
    - Explores the inner dimensions of the heart of nature with sacred geometry, inspiring messages, and DNA codes.
    - Aids our understanding of organic form and structure.
    - Brings comfort to the soul.
    - Develops technical information at the intersection of science, art, spirituality, healing and subtle energy medicine.

    Flower essence practitioners, healers, mystics, visionaries, gardeners, farmers, and holistic medical practitioners will find this book a useful step to more advanced techniques.

    Bonney Whittington’s pioneering contribution to flower essence studies and to the study of the spirit of nature—completed in 2002, six months before her death in June 2003—has begun to receive recognition as a valuable body of work.

    “Her work with flower essences was evolutionary and light years beyond the scope of present day understanding of the potential of flower essences.”
    - David Dalton, Owner and Researcher, Delta Gardens Essences, Newburyport, MA
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