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Pink Echinacea

How to Choose Flower Essences


Choosing a flower, star, or sacred site essence is an intuitive, magnetic process. At first, most people are drawn to one or two. Later, custom blends or kits are useful. The product may pique your interest or even “light up” for you. Some dowse with a pendulum or use kinesiology to choose. Some feel a connection such as warmth, tingling, or knowing “it’s right.” You can learn intuitive selection in Genai's classes.


How to Use Flower Essences


Using our flower essences is easy and non-invasive. Generally recommended dosages range from 2-4 drops 2-4 times a day for 2-4 weeks or until the bottle is empty. For most Lightwater Essences, dosages range from 1-2 drops 1-2 times a day for 1-6 weeks. Put them under your tongue, or in a glass of water. Massage them into your skin, or mist them around you. To use our mists, we suggest 5-7 pumps or more around the head, shoulders, and full body. See package directions for the use of our oils. All One Peace product contents are vibrational patterns in 0.5 oz distilled water in sterile cobalt blue dropper bottles, except where stated.


You can balance your land, home, apartment, garden, or farm with vibrational flower essences, too! If you complete your flower essences and some remains, add them to your plant or garden and return them to Nature. They support the earth!


Our mists and drops can be personalized to your special needs. Some conditions require a series of different flower, star, or sacred site essences over time. Other conditions require a custom flower essence blend (bouquet) or a series of two or three bouquets. The more chronic the condition the more repetition may be involved. Prices vary based on time and product. Contact Genai at 239-298-4839.

Which Flower Essence Do I Need?

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