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All One Peace Founder Genai

“Genai, you are a soul doctor.”

- A. R., Austin, TX

“You've helped me through divorce, raising teenagers on my own, moves, and starting a new career. You've helped me to see underlying issues and given me tools like writing, prayer, meditation, sound therapy, and music to explore myself. But most of all you have helped me trust the guiding voice of Spirit.”

- L. V., Midlothian, VA

Meet Genai


Genai, founder and owner of All One Peace, has been a professional shamanic and vibrational healer and teacher for 35 years, helping thousands of people from all walks of life. Unusual among psychics, Genai showed no psychic abilities as a small child and developed all her abilities as an adult. Her growth demonstrates that these are all natural abilities, not given to just a few.


Anthropologist, author, singer, certified hypnotherapist, minister, spiritual teacher, and clairvoyant healer, she began a new career as a sound healer and recording artist in 2005. Her sacred chants help “rewire” the nervous system of those with stress, anxiety, injuries, trauma, soul fatigue and those who feel lost from Self, creating more vitality, passion and joy in life.


She also began teaching Serpentfire Vibrational Healing, her own form of energy healing, in 2009. This combines aura and chakra healing, laying on hands, telepathic healing, flower essence therapy and channeled soul songs. Many developing channels have found this a useful path. 


Genai received her B.A. magna cum laude in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Arizona. She previously attended Wells College in Aurora, NY. Following graduation, she worked for fifteen years in hospital management, pharmaceutical sales, and non-profit management for organizations including the Colorado Commission on Women and the University of Denver. In 1994 she was ordained a minister in the Universal Life Church. In 1995 Genai received certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.


Genai's Training


Genai’s energy healing training includes over 1300+ hours of personal growth and vibrational healing courses. Four lineage strands of vibrational alchemy and energy healing are woven into the fabric of Genai’s work:


  • Sound Healing. Kay Gardner, composer, flautist, and mother of American sound healing; Sylvia Gallo, a voice coach in Austin, TX; and flautist Maria Kostelas all helped Genai develop her true healing voice.


  • Vibrational Medicine and Flower Essence Therapy. Bonney Whittington (Lightwater Essences) introduced Genai to flower essences and using them to heal the soil, and offered access to her teacher, Li Bette Porter, then a 35-year flower essence practitioner. Machaelle Small-Wright’s books and Perelandra Essences profoundly influenced Genai’s Swanstar Essences.  


  • Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch Therapy. Genai was taught by Mary Maestas, LPN, Ph.D., and Janet Mentgen, M.S.N., R.N., the co-founder of the American Holistic Nurses’ training program in Healing Touch Therapy. Both were students of Delores Krieger, R.N., Ph.D., the founder of Therapeutic Touch. Genai completed Level IV in Healing Touch, which led Genai to Barbara Brennan’s work and classes with Roslyn Bruyere, master clairvoyant, spiritual energy healer, teacher, and medicine woman.    


  • Astrology and More. Iris Westwood of Albany, OR, now passed, took Genai beyond the earth with private weekly classes for over two years. Iris was a student of Marc Edmund Jones, one of the great thought leaders in American astrology. Other key personal growth teachers for Genai include: Jean Houston, Ph.D., psychologist and philosopher; Sunday Martinez, Clinical Hypnotherapist; and Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeeper, who conducted Genai's Solar Initiation in l996. Isamu Taniguchi, creator and builder of the Japanese Garden at Zilker Arboretum, Austin, Texas, confirmed for Genai that we can communicate directly with the essence of nature. 

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