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All One Peace Founder Genai

“Her work with flower essences was evolutionary and light years beyond the scope of present day understanding of the potential of flower essences.”

- David Dalton, owner and researcher, 

Delta Gardens Essences

Meet Bonney Whittington 


“I know my work as an artist is about color, light, sound, language and beauty. It is also about service. I want my work to help others recognize and remember their own beauty and courage and the vast beauty of our Earth. We stand at a point in time when genetic experimentation is roaring ahead, leaving vast questions about appropriateness, safety, universal understanding and human hubris in its wake. As an artist I have a desire to continue to explore those questions in a foundation of love of beauty and compassion and search for truth and balance.” 

- Bonney Whittington, Lightwater Essences


Bonney Whittington, M.A.T.


Bonney Whittington, M.A.T., lived at the shamanic intersection of art, science, nature and spirit. She co-created with nature over 640 Lightwater Essences starting in 1995, then translated their light into 430 channeled definitions for her book, Lightwater Essences: For Understanding the Heart of Nature, before her passing in 2003. Her work offers us a unified view of the cosmic heart of nature from stars, constellations, and galaxies to a tiny red scorpion and subatomic DNA stranding codes.


She studied energy medicine for over 25 years, initially training with Dawna Markova, a student of Rosalyn Bruyere, internationally acclaimed clairvoyant, healer, and teacher. This led to her study of Dr. Edward Bach’s work on flower essences and then to an apprenticeship with Li Bette Porter, a mentor to many essence makers, in Eugene, Oregon. Her consciousness studies continued with Thich Nhat Hanh.


Bonney completed her B.A. at Middlebury College in 1968 and her Masters of Teaching in Visual Studies at Harvard University in 1970. An accomplished artist and weaver, she created award-winning quilts and dazzling French tapestries, built a house, and managed an inn.


Prior to her passing, Bonney placed the Lightwater Essences in Genai’s keeping for the future. Genai has extended Lightwater Essences for the past eleven years with additional channeled translations for essences and experimentation and research into how to use them to benefit people and the planet. 


Four Key Innovations


Bonney introduced four key innovations in flower essence therapy:


  • She opened to complete spiritual surrender to receive the essences directly into bottles of distilled water. She would hear clairvoyantly, ”Put out so many bottles on the porch tonight, they will be ready in the morning.” The content would be revealed the next day. Over the years these essences of micro-climates, DNA codes, galaxies, and stars have been beneficial for many. 


  • She used only distilled water to preserve the essences, rather than the traditional alcohol-and-water blend. Due to the high frequencies, the vibrational integrity has held for nearly 20 years.


  • She also initiated a three-year Soil Project (1996-99) in which healers brought Lightwater Essences to various locations around the globe to renew and restore the vitality of the soil.


  • She originated the Tenatsali Process for healing relationships using custom-blended flower essences, a service continued by Genai.

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