Richard Wachs 2015 picture cropped

Meet Richard Wachs 


Richard Wachs, a retired business executive and computer systems engineer, is an energy healer and artist. Though he has studied with Genai, he has developed his own unique blend of emotional release and remote telepathic healing.   


He clears the emotional energy body through empathy and loving acceptance of the emotions, the painful ones hidden away, which create blocks and barriers to peace of mind.  Richard connects with those emotions which are ready to be released with an open heart. He accepts them unconditionally and speaks or emotes them. This is a powerful experience with life-changing results.

Richard began his telepathic healing as a student of Genai and the methods of Bibb and Weed in Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing. He has extended this to develop new advanced techniques. He has had remarkable success with dental, arthritis, bone spurs, difficult pregnancies, infections, and tissue damage.


A Harvard College graduate, he is a decorated Vietnam War veteran. 


Richard offers his work by donation. Contact him at 239.298.4840 to make an appointment.