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Amarya: Dreaming the Dance
Hebrew for “God So Said,” Amarya, celebrates our connection to a Universal Creative Source. By listening to these sacred chants, the door opens for you to run the river of life fully embodied, fully awake. One Mind, One Heart, One Soul, One Family.

The gentle rhythms of Amarya can move you through yoga, chakra balancing, dance or tai chi. Genai’s chants can help you find serenity, grace and ease in times of stress and change. In meditation, you can listen to your heart as it sings the One Heart back to you. 60 minutes.

Amarya: Dreaming the Dance

  • “Your voice was soothing and comforting. I work nightshift and use Amarya before I sleep in the morning. I felt so grounded and in my body, I was amazed. An exciting journey!” Pensacola, FL

    “I listen to Amarya when I drive and it keeps me relaxed and balanced.” Bonita Springs, FL
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