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20 Minutes to Peace: Meditation Made Easy
For those who awake at 3 or 4 a.m. with a “do-list” running, this guided CD can slow and even stop your thoughts. Learning to quiet the mind can take a long time. If your temper is short or you are “running on empty,” headaches, illness and burnout are not far behind. Instead, choose 20 minutes a day to renew and recharge. It will change your life!

Genai designed and used this daily program to adjust her own attitude and energy. Even her immune system improved. The first major changes were peace of mind and new choices. Intuition development and finding her soul purpose followed.

Our guided meditation has five parts: breathing, visualizations of a tree for grounding and centering, another for strengthening the hara or will center, and a third for balancing the energy centers or chakras with color, then five minutes of silence with sacred chanting, and then sealing your energy centers to return to the everyday world. Genai’s Amarya chant whispers in the background.

Meditation CAN be easy! Used daily, 20 Minutes to Peace can help you calm and rest your mind, and develop your intuitive and spiritual gifts. Find a comfortable chair in quiet, private space and tune in to your Self.

20 minutes.

20 Minutes to Peace: Meditation Made Easy

  • “Since we bought your 20 Minutes to Peace CD we have been using it every day for our meditation practice. We are relaxing more deeply and enjoying mediation more. Thanks!” Naples, FL

    “I love working with your new meditation CD, 20 Minutes to Peace! I don’t have to think about what I am doing, just follow your directions to a peaceful state.” Naples, FL

    “Lately, I spend a lot of time caring for my elderly mother, which can be stressful. Your CD 20 Minutes to Peace has been a Godsend, to get myself energetically balanced, focused and peaceful as I go into the day. What a perfect way to get aligned on many levels!” Naples, FL
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