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All One Peace 


Flower Essences, Shamanic Chants, Energy Healing, and Classes 

All One Peace, A Sacred School for the One offers several paths to help you change, grow and thrive. Discover new allies as you seek your soul purpose, develop your spiritual gifts, wrestle with chemical or environmental sensitivity, or choose natural healing for challenging health issues.


Private mentoring sessions for self-discovery, awakening, and enlightenment are intuitively guided by Genai Ellen Wachs, master vibrational healer and founding teacher.

Energy healing for body-emotions-mind-spirit are available with Richard Wachs, an expert remote, telepathic, empathic and subtle energy healer. 

All One Peace produces one of the world's largest collections of flower essences, star essences, and sacred site essences with over 750 unique vibrations to help you heal buried emotions and beliefs. Request your free 15-minute flower essence consult.


All One Peace offers weekend trainings for Serpentfire Energy Healing with hands, telepathy, flower essences, songs and chants, and spiritual messages. Serpentfire is a subtle energy yoga opening the way for Kundalini and the One. We also provide mentoring to healers, yoga teachers, and medical professionals.

Based in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, all of our quality products are hand-crafted and made in the USA. Check out our shop!

Classes and Workshops

To provide better national access to our classes, we have moved many of our classes to Zoom. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive announcements about new classes.

For more info, go to Classes or call or text Genai at 239.298.4839 or email

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Donations support All One Peace research and education. Gifts are not tax-deductible.

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