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Thousand Petals Organic Cream for Pain Relief
New! Soothing Pain Relief 
Arthritis; Sports, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Muscle and Joint Aches; Knee and Hip Surgeries; Grief and Loss

All natural, organic, holistic, and effective, Swanstar Essences’ new Thousand Petals Organic Cream relieves arthritis, muscle and joint pain for all ages. A deluxe blend of six vibrational flower, tree, and sacred site essences in organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil, Thousand Petals has been called "the pain eraser."

Customers have found Thousand Petals deluxe cream comforting for aching knees, ankles, back, shoulders and neck, without harsh chemicals and unwanted side effects. It can even ease grief and loss, too. Thousand Petals applies smoothly and gently without pulling tender skin and leaves no greasy feeling.

Simply massage the cream into the affected joint or muscle; for grief and loss, rub it into your chest over your heart. Acute conditions may respond quickly. For chronic conditions, repeat two or three times a day for nine days or until pain is relieved. Length of use is related to length of condition. For lasting symptoms, consult your physician.

2 oz.

Thousand Petals Organic Cream for Pain Relief

  • “Thousand Petals Organic Cream has earned a place in our cupboard. It’s been good for my rotator cuff, as well as post-surgery soreness. We are also using it on my husband’s aching arthritic knees. He says it helps.” - D.G., Austin TX

    “My knees have been stiff and painful for about eight or nine months. Your pain cream has done wonders for them. I apply the salve morning and evening and have been able to walk and stand without pain most of the time. Thank you!” - J.R., Hinckley, MN

    “Your pain relief cream works and helps my back a lot.” - R.L., Naples, FL

    “I have been using your Thousand Petals Organic Cream as an acne aid and face moisturizer and hair moisturizer before blow-drying. My skin and hair love it! My skin is smooth, my hair is soft.” - A.A., Naples, FL
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