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Sacred Where I Walk: Goddess Blessing Songs

Sacred Where I Walk: Goddess Blessing Songs

  • Like a Navajo sand painting or a Tibetan mandala, Genai’s spontaneous songs from Spirit open an inner door to Great Mystery. Her ancient melodies and rhythms recall our inner selves, our tribal natures and sense of community. Each song carries the power of the present moment: Genai listens within and creates each song in one take, as a gift from Spirit. Her songs have been described by others as “magical,” “songs straight from Spirit,” and “profoundly healing.”

    Her four octave range surprises and delights as it aligns, awakens and reweaves patterns of the Kundalini, the Divine Feminine, your soul. All sounds on the album are Genai’s voice. The electronic overtone sounds in The Song of MA, the Great Mother of All, are created solely by Genai’s voice, much like Siberian tuva singing. While the genre is New Age, some songs sound Native American, Middle Eastern or like experimental jazz.

    Genai’s songs can mend the heart sore from grief and loss, help you find a new perspective of vast abundance, or aid you to journey behind your everyday mind to become one with the Divine Feminine in you.  In her ancient light language there are no thoughts to consider. The mind rests. The soul is filled. The spirit rejoices. One opens like a flower to the sun. 

    Featured Songs: 
    Return of Ma, Great Mother of All (7:42) 
    Moon Goddess Rising (6:09) 
    Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion (7:30) 
    Ana’s Spring Dance (3:34) 
    Fire Goddess at the Circle (3:40) 
    Purple (3:44) 
    Song for God (4:23) 
    Tantra Weaving Heaven and Earth (7:32)

    Digital downloads are available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.
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