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Valle Caldera, Jemez, New Mexico Sacred Site Essence
Restoring Natural Balance to Babies

Valle Caldera, Jemez, New Mexico Sacred Site Essence

  • Like being rocked in the arms of Mother Nature, Swanstar Essences new BabySafe™ Stress Remedy offers stress relief for infants, toddlers, and highly sensitive adults, gently soothing the distressed innocent.

    Babies and toddlers have delicate energy systems and are easily thrown off their natural balance. Causes of stress for babies and toddlers come in many forms: emotions and attitudes; electronic, radio and magnetic waves; pesticides in foods and air; chlorinated and fluoridated water, and so much more.

    Made from the sacred healing site of the Valle Caldera in Jemez, New Mexico, an ancient place to the Jemez Pueblo people, this essence offers a vital balance of pure earth, air, fire and water. Genai was given permission from the Deva to collect this essence just before the National Park Service changed management of it to allow more people and services access to the grounds, which may change the energy there.

    Pro Tip: Adults can use BabySafe™ Stress Remedy by itself or as an amplifier with Safe & Sound Relief (great for ages 3 and up) to create a powerful pairing to relieve stress symptoms, such as breathing and digestive issues or fearful thoughts, so you can feel better.

    Vibrational pattern preserved in distilled water in 0.5 oz sterile dropper bottle.
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