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Dancing Fairies Light Shield Mist
Remembering Joy

Dancing Fairies Light Shield Mist

  • Like a circle of dancing fairies, this fragrance-free, alcohol-free hydrosol mist supports and protects you as you remember your deep cellular joy. Clears negativity in and around us, while elevating positive thoughts and higher consciousness. Useful for the multi-dimensional balance of advanced intuitives, healers, mediums and mystics.

    Dancing Fairies Light Shield is the next step after healing with Clear Being Aura Mist, as the student’s consciousness and vibrations are raised to a higher level of awareness.

    Dancing Fairies Light Shield brings you more clarity and sensitivity with a blend of nine ultra-high frequency esoteric Swanstar and Lightwater Essences from flowers, solar angels, qualities of love from the future of earth, holy forms from Venus, and shells from the Andromeda galaxy.

    Use 5-7 pumps twice a day for two weeks to one month to begin, then as needed. Can be misted or massaged into skin. Fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free.
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