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Living in an Ocean of Love:

Spiritual Mentoring Adventure for Women

"Love rests on no foundation.

It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end." Rumi

Love is all around us. Love is in everything around us. Love is in us. The question is, “Are we receiving?”

Join Genai, “the soul doctor of Santa Fe,” for an intensive 6-month interactive mentoring experience for women on Zoom, as we voyage to Great Mystery and deepen our reliance on the Divine Feminine. Genai is an evolutionary way-shower, who has travelled this inner voyage in many lives.

Now, the Divine Feminine rises! By attuning our minds and hearts to the Great Mother of All, we find the “still, small voice” of Love to guide us. We recall the Divine Feminine values and freedom that flow from that Love. Bringing heaven to earth, we can then build a new foundation for ourselves and a new Earth.

As we rise, we recall our own integrity, authenticity, and confidence in our spiritual powers and worth. We reclaim the joy of our bodies, our lightness of being, and faith in our inner strengths and abilities. We are filled with new enthusiasm and zest for life.

We discover that our creative voices can be shared safely in sacred community, as we amplify our inner listening, intuition and “the still, small voice of Love,” and discover our oneness with nature, the All That Is.​​

We will claim our own paths to receive, trust, and express our magic, the Divine Fire of Love.

Over our six months together you will receive 18 hours of small group and personal time with Genai:  

  • A monthly two-hour group Zoom meeting with meditation, channeled guidance for receiving more Love, and community-sharing. Six classes, 12 hours.

  • A monthly one-hour, private, personal session, which you and Genai co-create. Your session may include a unique mix of an energy field reading, sacred songs, past life or energy healing, spiritual counsel, tools, codes, or consciousness development exercises. Six sessions, 6 hours.

You will also receive takeaway tools and codes, such as:

  • An audio recording of each of the six monthly meditations, suggested for at-home practice,

  • Audio recordings of your personal sessions, readings, and healing songs,

  • A self-study worksheet for getting the most out of your sessions with Genai, and

  • Additional recordings by Genai as guided for you personally, such as:

20 Minutes to Peace: Chakra Meditation Made Easy,
The Great Mother Meditations (2),

The Holy Fire Meditation for Self-Healing, or

Individual Shamanic Songs from her five albums to aid your healing or consciousness path.

Meet Your Companions of Safety, Clarity, Empowerment, Freedom, Joy, and Infinite Love on this inner voyage.


If you are ready to live your best life and explore living in Love, then register today for this life-changing experience.

"That love is all there is, is all we know of Love." Emily Dickinson


Schedule: January 15–July 8, 2023. Offered on the third Sunday of January and on second Sunday afternoons thereafter through June, 2:00–4:00pm MST (1:00–3:00 PT; 3:00–5:00 CT; 4:00–6:00 ET).

Registration fee is $2200 for six months.

For credit cards a fee of 2% will be added.
NM sales tax will be charged for New Mexicans.

Monthly payment plan is available.  

Six equal payments of $373 by cash or check. The first payment is a nonrefundable registration fee, to be paid by January 10, 2023.

To register, call 239-298-4839 or email Deadline to register is January 10, 2023.

All One Peace Founder Genai

About Genai Ellen Wachs, B.A., C.Ht., Rev.


Genai received her vision of the Divine Feminine 35 years ago, asking her to “help men and women worship (shape in worth) the Divine Feminine.” Since then, she has served in many roles: spiritual healer, teacher, seer, oracle, spirit singer, author, recording artist, sound healer, flower essence co-creator and producer, wife, and mom. She knows well the juggling act many women face at home, work, and the challenges of finding time for the inner Self.

Her partnership with her students and clients celebrates clarity, self-awareness, empowerment, freedom and an inner fountain of Infinite Love and Joy.


Learn more about Genai.

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