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Personal Soul Songs by Genai


Like a Navajo sand painting or a Tibetan mandala, Genai’s channeled songs and ceremony from Spirit open an inner door to your own powerful, peaceful Presence. Align and awaken the Kundalini, the Divine Feminine, your soul. Mend the heart sore from grief and loss. Her songs rewire the nervous system, opening up new levels of consciousness, like a soul retrieval.


Those who are in distress or a coma as they near death may find comfort and release in Genai’s prayers, songs, and recordings.


“I have studied for nearly 30 years to hear and spontaneously sing the musical vibrations of Nature. The non-verbal allows us to go beyond limited mental constructs and belief systems into a universal space of tones and personal experience. I think of this work as "evolutionary art," sometimes aboriginal, sometimes angelic. The tones and harmonies flow gracefully to soothe and open us to rest, relax, and revive.” 

- Genai, All One Peace


To schedule a phone appointment, contact Genai at 239.298.4839. 



30 min.                       $  75

45 min.                       $111

60 min.                       $145


Downloadable mp3 recordings are free; CDs are available for an additional $10 fee. 

“Your songs from the ancestors brought me Home to myself!”

- Client, Naples, Florida 

“After working with you, I dreamed that I was a pianist of some sort and all these beautiful songs were coming to me. I felt as if my hands were in the air playing this invisible piano. Melody after melody kept on coming like they were from heaven or something!! It was as if you awoke some part of me and it was expressing itself.”

- Client with Lyme, asymptomatic after four sessions

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