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  • Genai Ellen Wachs

When Do You Need a Spiritual Healer?

Head and Heart Energy Connection

How do you know that it is time to find the help of a spiritual healer or shaman?

The easy answer: ask for a spiritual healer when you need an alternative for pain, stress, injury, grief, or personal growth. When your soul cries to be heard, when your dreams try to tell you something, when a series of ailments or near- death accidents have occurred, or you feel flighty, lost, and unfocused. The thought may simply occur to you or you may be presented with the name of one without asking. Often, this is the “court of last resort” for those who have tried everything else. In short, look for a spiritual healer when you are at a crossroads in life, seeking a change.

As in any kind of work, there are those who do excellent work and those who do not. Credentials may or may not mean anything. Many healers today have training and certifications and checking those out is intelligent. But Source doesn’t certify or give degrees. Are testimonials provided on their website or in their ad? A referral from a friend can be helpful.

When you call a healer, you may need to leave a message, as they often work alone. You may get a call back immediately, or you may wait several days. The movement of life and the flow of nature is not at the command of the clock. It is the first lesson to the client to trust in the movement of “the Flow.’ The call will come back at the correct time for both. The wait may have to do with other clients, or it might have to do with new information that is coming to the healer that pertains to your needs.

Helpful questions to ask during a phone interview, a free meeting or on their website might include:

  • How long have you been in practice?

  • Where did you learn to offer spiritual healing?

  • Are you affiliated with a particular church or religion?

  • Do you offer a free opportunity to get acquainted?

  • Where do you work, at your home, or in an office?

  • Do you use herbs, smoke, or fragrant oils?

Listen to them. Ask yourself, who has the power, me or them?

Do they overwhelm me with jargon I don’t understand?

Can they educate me about things I can do to help myself?

Do they love what they do? Do they feel open? Do I trust them?

Watch for situations that “look good, feel bad.” Trust yourself to know the truth.

A word about healers charging money. There is a common conversation about whether a “real healer” should charge money for their services. Some healers do the work as a hobby. Some work by donation. For others this is their full-time work and income. Some charge by the session or the hour like a therapist or physician. Many offer sliding scale options. Healers are not only healers for others, they also are working on healing their own issues. For some, developing their own strength of self-worth means charging for their time, talents and skill. Each healer must decide what they want to do about the value of their time, talents and skill.

The value or quality of a healer’s work is not related to whether they charge or what they charge. When you are ready for a healer's help, the services of an effective healer are priceless.

For help deciding what kind of healer or shaman, see our next blog.

Genai has offered private sessions for over 30 years. See her website for more information including testimonials.

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