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  • Genai

Claiming Forgiveness

With the coming of the New Year we are given an opportunity to clean the slate. Often I find I am more angry with myself than I am with anyone else over failed expectations, missed opportunities, misunderstandings with others. But certainly resentments about injuries received from others has gotten in my way, creating a cumulative weight of negative attitudes.

For the last four months as we have traveled around the country, Richard and I have been working with a morning prayer I wrote many years ago and recently re-discovered. We found it helpful to start each day afresh letting go of old baggage. It has lightened our hearts and improved most relationships with others. Of course, it only works if we use it! And we could tell the difference in our attitudes when we skipped more than a couple of days.

In the hopes that it will benefit you as it has us, I offer this prayer, song, affirmation to you. Trust that the details of what forgiveness you need to give or receive will come to you in right timing. All is well. And may 2017 bring all your hopes and dreams home to you!

All that has offended or deprived me, I forgive.

Whatever has made me bitter, resentful, unhappy, I forgive.

Within and without, I forgive

things past, things present, things future.

I forgive me, my Self and others. And so it is.

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