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Water, Water--What to Do?

Water, we must have it. Recently there have been important, powerful ceremonies to bless the water and raise awareness and community about the need to pay attention to the water quality. It is easy to think we have to have a group to do this, but of course we can bless the water wherever we are and whenever we think of it, including our tap water.

Recently, Richard and I were called by Spirit to visit Silver Springs State Park near Ocala, FL to do just that---bless the water. I was told by my inner voice that the water at the Springs was so pure and unadulterated that whatever energy we gave to it would be distributed throughout an underground system that extends to Tennessee and even to Oklahoma. And that "because the water is so pure at Silver Springs, the revitalizing force will be distributed without degradation."

The next day we were guided to do a song blessing on the Savannah River in Augusta, GA and learned about the "fall line" where the Piedmont meets the coastal plain. These kinds of locations where the mountain crystal-charged waters drop to meet the sea also offer a special blessing distribution system to low-lying areas and the ocean.

The day after we were called to serve in Columbia, S.C., where two rivers converge to form the Congaree River which flows into an area of some of the last remaining old growth bottom-land hardwood forest before it flows into another river and then the Atlantic.

This is a change in roles for me. In the past I have collected the essence energies of flowers, healing wells, springs, and energy spots as medicine for people, pets, land and water under All One Peace, Swanstar Essences, and Lightwater Essences, Now, I am the blessing medicine for the earth, as we all can be.

Please listen within for your own directions for blessing the land and the water. We are all needed in small ways and big at this critical time of human and earth transitions.

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