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  • Janet Weisberg

Reconnecting with Nature, Our Home

"There will be no peace until we make peace with Earth.” A Tree Exhales and We Breathe, We Exhale and the Tree is nourished. We are in a symbiotic relationship with All, the We. Earth is a co-creative, conscious living organism. A sustainable earth is a collective, cooperative agreement pact. Our problem is that we've forgotten our part of the agreement, having been co-opted to think that the human way, independent of nature, would provide a more bountiful existence.

We are now suffering the consequences of these beliefs, actions and inaction. Now, earth’s inherent wisdom is reestablishing it’s balance. Our collective existence is based on balance. Today humanity is definitely out of balance. The systems that we chose to follow blindly have usurped our power and our true nature, hence creating separation, confusion, fear and loss.

I sense your “Wrangler” (the stories that you grew up with) saying, that’s nonsense! Non-sense means without senses and that is what we have been reduced to-- a species without senses. We’ve been systemically forced to reject and deny our real Nature. We believe that we must have outside interventions to survive and thrive. On occasion, that statement is accurate. However, in the large span of our lives, that statement is wrong! Here’s just a few of the ancient truths that we’ve forgotten:

First, we are a powerful and unique species. Humans have 54 natural senses, not just five, that guide, not only our survival, but our thriving. We are also powerful and unique because we’re the only species that has a sense of literacy (language and story). To use it sensibly, we must be reasonable and relate through the idea that we have our literate abilities and our innate non-literate Earth Body.” Reconnecting our sensory system to our language center reestablishes wholeness.

Second, without reconnection, we suffer from a lack of whole brain connectivity. Our ancient brain stores approximately 85% of our mentality and is supported by the truth we call Self- Evidence. It is our nonverbal way of knowing and thinking that registers non-literate tensions, sensations, feelings and emotions. Our neocortex, approx.15% of our brain, creates language, abstract thinking, imagination and allows us to see the bigger picture.

Third, we’ve been given a conscience by which to determine what is appropriate and what’s not for the collective whole.Yet we use it more for our personal benefit without recognizing the consequences of our self-centered applications.

I hope these truths have sparked your sense of curiosity. Igniting our biologically given sensory tools will help us remedy our destructive disconnection from Nature, thereby increasing personal, social, and environmental wellbeing. Come for a walk in the woods with me. More than a walk, I can re-introduce you to a nature long-forgotten.

Reconnecting with Nature, is our birthright and our responsibility.

Janet Weisberg LLC, with many post-graduate credentials is a speaker, trainer, guide, counselor & ambassador. She offers opportunities that let Earth teach and guide us back to our intended state of Whole! Check out her classes by contacting Janet at or call her at 239-280-8229.

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