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  • Guest: Sandra Jones-Keller

Spirituality and Pregnancy: Creating a Special Bond with Your Baby

Are you newly pregnant and wondering what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into? Maybe you are glowing and feel the best you’ve ever felt? Are you wondering if you are doing the best things possible for your baby in this moment? In this article you will learn tips and techniques that will help you create a deeper spiritual bond and connection with your baby now!

As an Intuitive Pregnancy Coach and Spiritual Energy Healer, I teach new moms, pregnant moms and want-to-be moms how to develop intuitive two-way communication with their unborn and newborn babies. I use a purely spiritual approach to pregnancy and trying to conceive in my coaching.

With this in mind, I’ve put together an abbreviated version of my top ten tips. A more detailed list is presented in my book Intuitive Communication With Your Baby’s Soul available on Amazon. Keep in mind there is no right or one way to do this. Let your intuition guide you!

10. “Be gentle and compassionate with yourself.” Love and honor who you are and your process.

9. “Be open and willing.” A closed mind and heart will block intuitive communication with your baby. You will not be available to hear messages from above and within.

8. “Meditate regularly.” Meditation helps you to ground yourself and connect with your intuitive nature. It helps you calm your mind and body.

7. “Learn to ground yourself.” You ground yourself to bring your own energy back into your space since your energy gets scattered.

6. “Learn to open your chakras.” Chakra is an energy center. When your chakras are open, energy moves easily; you are able to process information with less effort, you move fluidly in the world.

5. “Acknowledge your baby as a spiritual being with consciousness and sentience.” We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Just like people communicate with loved ones who have passed on, you can communicate with your baby that’s coming into the Earth plane.

4. “Say hello to your baby.” Your baby is excited to talk to you! Say hello and listen for a response.

3. “Practice listening to and following your intuition.” Intuition is a muscle that needs to be developed.

2. “Let go of your agenda.” Allow your higher self to guide you. Let go of what you think you know or think needs to happen and let miracles unfold!

1. “Ask your baby what it needs to be best taken care of in this moment! Create a partnership NOW. Two-way communication opens up infinite channels of possibility between you and your child, and it adds an unprecedented level of security for you.

That’s it for now! Enjoy these tips and use them often. Are you in need of loving support or guidance? I have a book and lots of videos and articles to support you on your journey. I also offer Intuitive Pregnancy Coaching and Spiritual Energy Healing sessions. Until next time, happy parenting!

Find Sandra's book, Intuitive Communication with Your Baby's Soul, on Amazon.

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