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Healing Miracles

We can all perform miracles. Simple principles can show us how. In the beginning I was amazed and awed that I could be taught how to heal and self-heal using easy steps. I found I could do things my parents would have considered miracles. Miracles like healing a broken hip by healing touch in a matter of minutes, or clearing small cancer tumors with a group of healers, or relieving the trauma of an abused track racehorse with a floral essence water, Safe & Sound Stress Remedy, in five minutes.

And here is the great news! Most people can learn how to do these things—energy healing is not a special gift for a few. It is our birthright as humans!! I learned and so can you!

Could there be a more exciting time to be alive? From the beginning I have been committed to teaching those who want to learn how to develop their innate and natural abilities. Learning to connect to the inner planes is the path of essence. And so we are, as a species, moving forward to a higher understanding of what it is to be human.

The guru is within. The purpose of the spiritual teacher is to point the way inside. Jesus promised that his students would do what he did and more. Over the next few months I will be offering classes on vibrational alchemy healing, dowsing with a pendulum to create greater inner awareness, intuitive development, flower essence therapy, and interactive concerts with shamanic songs. I look forward to meeting you as we all grow in loving acceptance of our natural abilities.

If you are ready to invite miracles into your life, you can learn more about my classes here.

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