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What's Up in the Universe- Part II

In the last blog I discussed this period we are in as a Pending Time, waiting for change. Make no mistake change is happening, but it is below the surface, much of it in our subconscious. As we take this Pending Time to clear and clean up the past and prepare to move forward into a lively dance of change, we may feel gentle jolts to elevate us. These jolts or jumps can be hard or soft, difficult or easy. Several years ago in my healing work I realized that I had something to say about it—a choice.

It was all about how I defined love. Growing up in a house of emotional chaos and challenging behaviors, as a child I thought love was supposed to be tough and demanding. I saw what I had created unconsciously—a model of “rip and tear” healing through pain--“no pain, no gain.”

As I became more aware, I realized that I could revise this to a softer, easier way of “allowing and unfolding” by asking, intending, and listening within. The doors to my mind opened to new experiences, new perceptions of myself and others, and new ideas with a sweetness and respect for me that helped me feel safer in the world, rather than traumatized. I felt a container of love, like a feather-soft baby blanket surrounding me and holding a safe space for me to make mistakes and learn.

To emphasize this point, Spirit gave me this healing chant:

All around me, Love surrounds me.

All around me, Love is all that is.

Love is all that is.

Simple though the message is, when I have remembered to repeat this chant, it has helped me through confrontations, anger, loss and despair. It helps me acknowledge the higher truth that Love is the reality and anything else is an illusion. When I choose to use it, my energy and consciousness shift to a new place where things really are more loving and gentle.

So now, when I pray or ask for help from Source, whether it is for me or someone else, I always ask that all healing be loving and gentle. And it is.

Self-Healing Tip: Post a sign on your mirror “I ask (the Divine as you know it) that all healing and change for me be loving and gentle today and always.

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