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What's Up in the Universe?

Clients often call to ask “What’s going on cosmically?” or “Is there something going on in the Universe? I have been feeling so sad or so glad for no reason." So here at the edge of spring, I share with you my take on the big picture of where we are now as we increasingly live in the New Earth.

For me, it’s an interior situation. We may feel that there’s nothing going on. We are in a Pending Time or a Universal Pause, right at the edge of the next new thing. Not entirely sure what it is, but sure that it is coming, perhaps even seeing just a bit of shape and form, like green shoots breaking ground and starting to sprout. Behind us is the cleansing, clearing away the old stuff and preparing. We wait and ....

What was brewing out of sight, in the subconscious underground, is moving out into the external, material world. The fuzzy edges are getting sharper and more understandable. The truth of who we are at depth is making itself known and even undeniable.

For example, in the last two weeks I received several surprises: a mystical “shaking, ” Oneness, Ecstacy, or Kundalini experience described in the blog "Shaken By Spirit," and then, several invitations to present vibrational alchemy at fairs and conferences.

Knowledge has a way of slowing down from time to time, giving us a chance to integrate new changes until we have squeezed all the juice from them that we can. Then the process accelerates again as more new experience comes in and we begin again to define and reinvent the new design of our lives.

What's Up in the Universe?

What about you? Are you noticing new sprouts? More self-acceptance? An acceleration or excitement, but not sure why? A whiff of fresh air with new ideas? Are new forms or ideas peeking out from the old? Do you feel something pending? Near, but invisible?

Get ready, then, for Change. The Universe is preparing to “shake and bake” you into a new form from now until mid-July. Then your process will really start heating up! Throw your mind’s cautions to the winds and say “Yes!” Explore the unexpected. It may carry you home to your destiny.

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