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  • Genai

The Four Keys to Vibrational Alchemy

As Einstein and quantum physics suggest, everything is frozen light. Or we might say that everything is made of light, color and sound vibrations. If we change the light patterns, we change the body. By harmonizing our energy field with a particular vibration and then stepping it up, we can create a shift in the original vibration or repattern it into balance and wholeness.

We pay particular attention to these four keys of Vibrational Self-Healing:

  • As above, so below (the Law of Correspondences), as within, so without. Fundamental to the ancient Hermetic philosophies, this law states that patterns are replicated in higher and lower worlds, mirroring the connections woven between all worlds.

  • Energy follows Thought (The Law of Intention); we become what we focus on and our lives follow the intention we state. Often this is unconscious. If we are afraid, then negative events follow just as though the Universe was hearing that was our desire. If we trust, then love will follow.

  • Resonance and Entrainment (The Law of Resonance); by creating a tone or frequency that is slightly higher or faster than the norm, the norm will rise to meet it or resonate and match it.

  • All is One (The Law of One); there is only Love. Any separation is an illusion.

Sound healing works on these principles, as do nature essences. Both essence therapy and sound healing help "rewire" us to create new patterns for health, wellness, and conscious evolution. By providing higher, healthier vibrations that support us emotionally, mentally, and at soul-level, we can clear away negative patterns which lock us into lack and fear. We can, then, own our personal power and use it to make wiser choices in freedom with love.

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