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Nature Essences Make Valentine's Day Sweeter

I get sad and tired when I am away from nature for too long. Computers save us time and money, but they do not satisfy the soul with the perfume of fresh air or walking on the earth in open green space. Perhaps you or your Valentine need nature's support for happiness.

Our flower and sacred site vibrational essences co-created with the devas (nature angels) offer an out-of-the-ordinary close connection to nature that's often missing in today's frantic tel-electronic life. Here are four gentle gift ideas that bring you closer to your self or closer to the ones you love. Loaded with love from Nature!

Chalice Well Water Essence from Glastonbury, England, helps you learn to LOVE YOUR BODY!

Pink Lotus Flower Essence supports self-esteem building, opening and balancing all chakras, and living in ease and grace.

Navel of the World Essence drops from Ke'e Beach and Lagoon, Kauai, Hawaii, are perfect for caregivers who are exhausted and need restoration and renewal.

Tenatsali: A Loving Relationship Process brings a little stardust to help you get closer to the people you love. A Tenatsali (medicine flower process) supports two souls who seek a stronger, more loving and spacious relationship. In the session, and with permission of both people, I connect spiritually with the soul of each person, then dowse with a pendulum to select the vibrational essences needed by each for relationship growth or change; all are blended together and both parties take the same blend at the same time. Spiritual messages may come through me, too, and there are always the flower essence meanings to give guidance. Gift certificates are available. Call me at 239.298.4839 for more info.

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