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Traveling with the Goddess: Making Sacred Where I Walk

Sacred Where I Walk Album Cover

It's born! Completed! Check the box! My new album, Sacred Where I Walk: Goddess Blessing Songs, is available digitally now at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon. The CD is also available in our online shop.

Just like the album, travelling with the Goddess is full of surprises, bends and turns. Five years ago, the Divine Feminine asked me to create a CD of four goddess songs. "Who, me?" I asked. Even though it would be my fourth sound healing album, this was new territory.

As I opened to the idea, the first three songs came quickly in 2010, but the fourth was nowhere to be found. The little scrap of paper with the names of the goddesses for the songs continued to roll around my office and desk, popping up here and there as a reminder of this sacred task. "Yes, yes, I will get to it," I said. It was the scariest one. It was big. "MA, the Great Mother of All" the paper said.

Then I was sick. For a long time. Then I started to feel better. Slowly. Last May, as the flowers began to bloom, I started to grow a new garden, too. My inner voice said, "'MA' is coming. Get ready." And then, one night, I was told from within to set up the laptop to record and that the song would come the next morning. So I did. Oh my, I was excited. Like a pregnant woman waiting for delivery, and a little worried. Self-doubts entered. What if I am not good enough? What if I mess it up?

The next morning as I prepared to go to an appointment, she began her arrival! The song was there. I could feel it, bubbling up. So I recorded it in one take in about six minutes. I was on such a "high" that day. What a relief!

There were still a couple of others I could feel below the surface once "MA" came through. So my friend Carol Anderssen and I decided to take a trip to Atlanta around the Fourth of July to record more new songs at Blue Green Submarine Recording Studio. Kenneth Lovell was awesome. He said things that warmed my heart, like "You are the artist, you decide." And so in the very accepting and creative space of Blue Green Submarine five songs came through in one afternoon in one take. Songs like "Fire Goddess at the Circle" and "Purple" and "Song for God" and "Tantra Weaving Heaven and Earth."

Fortunately for me, I have a daughter with a graphic design business, so Devin handled the art design and layout for the CD. Kenneth, Devin, Carol, and my sweet husband, Richard, all gave such amazing support to this project, I couldn't have done it without them.

I have been told by Spirit that my shamanic chants and songs "rewire our brains and nervous systems" to a deeper, more relaxed state which helps us connect within to our own spirits. And in the process of recording and producing, I was "re-wired" too. The Goddess rose up in me and is willing to be heard.

If the Goddess is whispering in your ear, be gentle with yourself, and pay attention. You never know what travelling with her may bring, but there are always gifts.

Have you travelled with the Goddess? Share your stories here. If not, listening to Sacred Where I Walk brings Her love, joy, and delight right to you.

Hear samples of Sacred Where I Walk and buy the digital album or singles at CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes. CDBaby put up a great bio page for me, and have all the notes on the album page that are included in the hard-copy CD liner notes.

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