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  • Genai

Everyday Visions

Have you noticed recently that the line between everyday life and the dreamtime is getting thinner and finer? In the last week I have had two shamanic visions that have moved me to effective action in my daily life. I share them to encourage you to pay attention and act on your inspired visions.

The first vision focused on our new Swanstar Essences Baby Bundle, a new gift collection of essences for babies and new families, which is coming soon. One included item is a Baby’s Soul Song, a unique, personal chant for strength, courage, and peace of mind. Originally, we had planned to offer a flat card as the gift certificate. Then, in sleep I received a vision of the certificate rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon. When I awoke, the image was so clear, I couldn't believe it. We tried it and voila! The scroll fit and completed the box with beauty.

The second one, while mundane and silly, answered a question before we asked it: where to eat? My husband and I each have different taste and dietary needs, so eating out at the right place means that we both get our needs met. I awoke from a brief nap with the message to go to a long overlooked pizza place and what to order. We went and it was tasty and economical: the daily special was a 14” pizza with two toppings for $7.99. An accurate vision with a practical purpose.

I love it when Spirit’s plan comes together—I listen and act. Subconscious (inner mind) and superconscious (spirit) speak to us a thousand times a day with what we choose to see, hear, smell, taste, and know. When we learn to listen for the extraordinary within to guide and direct us, we are more effective, more creative, more fulfilled, and happier. We also bring better service to mankind and the planet. It doesn’t have to be a “spiritual mission” to guide our spirituality. It can be as simple as pizza!

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