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Meaning and Mission in a 21st Century Wisdom School

All One Peace Wisdom School - White Lotus Flower

All One Peace is a sacred school for the One. People often ask, "What does this mean?" All One Peace is the Infinite Wisdom that connects all things; the school is a spiritual path for discovering and reclaiming the High Self or soul. Our primary focus is the spiritual development of the individual to higher degrees of the sacred self, its spiritual knowledge and activity. Some would call it a “mystery school” or a “wisdom school.” While there are many paths to the One, our processes, methods, tools, and techniques transcend boundaries of time and cultures.

A Modern-day Wisdom School

In ancient times wisdom schools held in sacred trust the secrets of ceremony, magic, healing, alchemy, astrology, and extraordinary human capacities. Rituals, based on the moon and the sun, often involved the myth of the god or goddess who dies in winter, then is reborn in the spring in a new and higher form. Most promoted an ethical system of duality or polar opposites, such as good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong, positive and negative, love and fear. In this modern wisdom school, we begin from our everyday life in duality and grow into a non-dualistic understanding of our divine abilities and unity with all.

Yoga means “to yoke with the One.” Shamanism and personal spirituality invite us to a vision of ourselves connected to nature, life, and a rich inner life in which All Is One. We are unified and integrated in Love, relating to the earth and stars as a part of ourselves. Yoga, shamanism, alchemy, and ancient schools of enlightenment all share a common set of truths: that we are all capable of more power, love, and wisdom than we believe; that we carry within us soul links with nature; that we can develop our abilities; and that we are never alone.

Through our souls we learn to feel the energy of life (prana, chi, spirit) moving through us that moves through all things. We are connected in a deep meaningful way with flowers, trees, birds, stars, galaxies, and more. We feel and respect the consciousness of these “objects” as Beings. Do we do this perfectly? No, we intend, we commit, we act, and we progress.

The vibrational nature of the essences from flowers, stars, sacred sites, and shamanic visions, helps us heal the feeling of separation from our soul senses and spirit. Nature shares her healing secrets with us. Nature becomes our teacher. We can then share this with others who desire our help.

Through self-study, classes, conversation, exercise, books, and the arts we aim to take responsibility for our personal potentials, desires, and dreams. We open to receive inspiration in ideas and messages and act on them. We make choices which promote our health and wellness in order to support our bodies, so we can contribute from the wealth of love, knowledge, wisdom, soul, and spirit that resides within us. We choose a community of like minds to support our growth, and we move forward with gentle love and respect for ourselves and others.

Ancient Teachings Are Central

How do we do this? Two words carved over the entrance at Greece’s Temple of Apollo at Delphi: “Know Thyself.” It is through self-awareness and acceptance of self that one grows. Self-awareness comes from meditation and spiritual practices based in yoga and shamanism. Service to others comes from self-love overflowing love to others. By deepening our understanding of the electro-magnetic field and chakras, vibration, frequency, emotion, thought, intention, and self-care, we learn to shift our energy to a more whole and healthy pattern, which gently offers benefit to those around us.

Five Pathways for Training

We train spiritual receivers, translators, singers, and channels for the Creator with respect for each individual and his/her own journey. There are five pathways in the program: self-healer, alchemist, guide, oracle, and teacher. Each path provides a basis for development; each path prepares for the next. All require a commitment to growth in intuitive understanding, knowledge from within and out, and self-discipline. All One Peace is designed for the life-long learner who seeks a safe and respectful circle of like-minds.

Does our wisdom school interest you? What here calls you? Please comment or contact us directly. As we refine our vision, your feedback is important!

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