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  • Tiffany Stephens

Sacred Sites and the Rights of Nature

Thanks to Martha Paquin for introducing me to Tiffany Stephens, our guest blogger, from the United Kingdom. The Sacred Sites Project and the “Rights of Nature” movement may be the next major “rights” front for humankind. Extending the concept of consciousness to all life changes the world and our place in it. We will keep you posted on the role our essences can play in these areas. - Genai


We are living in a time where I believe we can collectively come together to create change. To create a world that many of us would like to live in. I have been lucky enough to have been invited to co-ordinate a project that forms part of this change, both on a grounded and physical basis and on a more spiritual, energetic basis.

The Sacred Sites project has been created to facilitate our reconnection with nature. We shall also be connecting with sacred sites, sacred paths and earth energy lines, working with these energies and power places to create a vibrational frequency that enables a shift in consciousness and our evolution into a society that is in harmony with nature, both within and without. We are also seeking to raise awareness of the need for our laws to recognise the Rights of Nature.

Between now and 22nd April 2016 events at Sacred Sites across Europe will be taking place. If you would like more information and/or would like to be involved with our project, please contact Tiffany Stephens or visit our Facebook page.

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