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Freedom to Dance Essence: Support for Individuality

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Each and every flower, sacred site, and star essence offered by All One Peace has a channeled translation that not only helps us understand the essence and its uses, but is itself a healing tool. This is the complete channeled definition of Freedom to Dance, a blend of six essences that is now available online.

While attending the International Flower Essence Conference in Findhorn, Scotland in l997, I asked my guidance, The Interplanetary Awareness Seminar, for an essence which would help me develop the freedom to dance on every level of my life and awareness. This was transmitted from them through my hands into a bottle of distilled water.

Freedom to Dance Essence

Keynote: Freedom to dance the cosmic dance.

Contains essences of Hawthorn, Blackberry, Currant, White Rice Flower, Red Lily, and Lemon Verbena blended multi-dimensionally by Spirit.

Channeled Definition: "There are many who are seeking new ways of being on this planet and who reach for their souls in new ways and we begin to understand that the openings of the past no longer are big enough to fit them. This essence is for those who wish to enlarge the openings of their mind, heart and soul for the greater good of mankind and for the development of the collective consciousness in a joyous, happy and free frame of reference instead of a fearful, weary and aggressive frame of reference. We would be pleased to show you the way this can work by placing it into the water supply of several communities in the area. There is a great deal more here than meets the eye; so a few drops can make a difference.

We would also like to suggest to you that the information we are giving you is free for those to use as they will, but there are not many who will understand that the kind of power that is in this essence is available to all. Still it can create quite a difference for those who open to it.

The first essence that is carried in this essence is Joy; the second is Love; the third is Peace; the fourth is Contribution; the fifth is Harmony; the sixth is the privilege of those who have worked for a long time to accomplish a great end, Celebration.

When these are combined and brought through multi-dimensionally into the physical, we are pleased to report that the results are The Freedom to Dance, not only in a physical movement sense, but freedom to dance the cosmic dance, the dance of the angels and the stars; the freedom to be unique and special and divine and lighted and of great dimensions and great proportions, and to receive and give with expanded consciousness.

We are not sure who will want this essence, but it is our feeling that this essence, while created for you at your request, can also be useful for many others who wish to move beyond the old worn-out patterns of limitation, pain and difficulty. There is work that comes with this, changes in behavior and changes in desire. It is not an overnighter, but will work with an individual in progress to support the inner process changes that must occur to allow the old to fall away, lovingly and gently, while new forms and new concepts are received. This is a great work for mankind on the mental level--to shift mass consciousness--and a great work for the individual to shift the contextual frame.

Make this available to those who wish to be well, who wish to be whole, and who wish to feel the depths of the inner life, for this essence brings depth of understanding as a feeling state. We would like you to understand that the information we have given to you today is not new, but is old and ancient technology that has lighted the way for many others. There is nothing space age or science fiction about it.

The greatest power lies in the power of the word and the essence of soul shared from one being to another, and the sharing of plant soul with human soul is a powerful and transformational event.

Primarily, this essence works with most focus on the mental and spiritual levels, but not only on those levels, since the emotional and physical levels are also affected.

Excellent essence for blocked kidneys, overactive adrenal glands, or extreme anxiety states, also useful for those who have created difficulty for themselves in the world through short-term or impatient choices, also useful for those who have decided to run before they can walk, metaphysically speaking.

Affects feet, heart and head; helps open constriction in the heart to allow greater flow of life force.

This essence will bring a great deal of joy to elderly people who feel that their lives are at an end and that there is no purpose to being alive.

It will also help those who seek, but do not find, who languish off the main stream of life, watching the world pass them by, avoiding participation and risks.

Plants and animals on this planet will also benefit from this essence, since it will enhance their potential to evolve and to bring joy and vivacity into their space where there has been deep sorrow, loss, or grief. This includes land that has been seriously disrupted by construction, pollution or natural changes. It also includes animals who have been separated from their owners, or puppies separated from their mothers before they are ready. The same is true for human babies and children separated from their mothers prematurely or adults who have this experience pattern in the past.

Offered with blessings for the future and a joyful dance in the present."

This text is adapted from Swanstar Essences: Nature’s Wisdom for Conscious Evolution.

Copyright by Genai Ellen Wachs, 2003

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