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Ease Your Mind with Mercury Retrograde Balancer

Three times a year, the planet Mercury appears to stop in the sky, then reverse its course. To be in harmony with this period, known as a retrograde, we are asked to reconsider and reevaluate how we are handling our communications and life choices. Sensitives may experience headaches, mental stress, anxiety, or feel that the world is fighting their heart’s desires.

Many feel this period of about 5-6 weeks is a challenging time of confused communications, difficult contracts, and agreements, and technical complications. The ancients felt that deals made at this time have aspects that are not seen due to the planet’s influence. After the retrograde the problems become apparent, but it’s too late, the promise is made. I have seen this in many instances, from work agreements I regretted later to breakdowns in my communications and printing equipment.

For balance, clarity, and harmony with this natural event, I created Swanstar Essences' Mercury Retrograde Balancer. This proprietary blend of eight high-frequency flower and sacred site essences in distilled water can be taken as drops under the tongue or in water or juice, or massaged on the skin beginning 5-7 days prior to the Retrograde and continuing for 5-7 days following it.

If you would like support for the three Mercury Retrogrades in 2015, these are the dates:

January 20-February 11 (Use balancer January 13- February 18)

May 18 – June 11 (Use balancer May 11-June 18)

September 17-October 9 (Use balancer September 10-October 16)

You can find more information about Mercury Retrograde Balancer online here.

Mercury Photo Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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