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  • Genai Ellen Wachs

2015 New Year’s Resolutions?

By Genai

Every year I start out with a few things I want to do better or change. Voila! New Year’s Resolutions. The trouble is after a few days or weeks, they have melted away. What happened to my good intentions? Sometimes I have chosen too many. Now I choose one or two. However, my biggest problem is to put my needs first. All the healthy lifestyle ideas of exercise, eating well, or regular meditation can melt away if I don’t make me a priority.

If I don’t walk early in the day, the demands of work and needs of others command my time and attention. But if I do walk early in the day, I often get in two walks a day, because it is fresh in my mind how good I feel when I walk. By putting my new goal up front in the day I have created appetite for walking, being outside in the fresh air, and feeling better.

How can you create an appetite for your goals? Taste it. Savor it. When you complete the new pattern, take two minutes to notice how you feel in your body and your mind. Yes, that feeling of satisfaction counts and grows. Commit every day to giving yourself more goal satisfaction. YOU are worth it!

In February, I will share an exciting subtle energy visualization with you to help strengthen holding your focus and intention for new goals.

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