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  • Genai Ellen Wachs

The Winding Road of Patience: Waiting for Clarity

By Genai

Have you ever wanted to push on, but you know you must wait? I hate waiting! When I first began my spiritual development nearly 30 years ago, I had a dream. In the dream I was driving a car and three angels sat in the back seat guiding and directing me on where to go. I said, "Just show me the quickest way to get from here to there." They laughed and said, "Oh my dear, it is not a straight line. It is a WINDING road."

I had no idea how winding it would be. So many times in meditation I have heard, "Be patient," or "Wait." And always I want to push on and get where I am going. Find the path, make the product, or complete the project. Recently, I was given a long view of the winding road of patience with our Clear Being Aura Mist as the metaphor. So, here is the 18-year journey of the Clear Being Mist story.

About 2003, I heard from Spirit that in two years I would receive an essence product, "Clear Being." I didn't know what this was or what it would do, just that it was of the flower essences and that I was very excited about anticipating it. I also subtly understood that the product was a reflection of my own inner development of clear Being, even though this was a nearly meaningless abstract at the time.

As predicted, two years later I was given a recipe for Clear Being Mist in meditation. The alcohol-free mist has five flower essences and three essential oils. The flower essences are Swanstar Essences' Safe & Sound Stress Formula (a blend), Freedom to Dance, and Yellow Flag Water Iris, and Bonney Whittington's Lightwater Essences' Red Scorpion and Solar Angels of the Central Sun Nadir.

Before it was possible for me to be inspired to blend these essences, they each had to be co-created and tested, and each has their own origin story. In l998 Safe & Sound Stress Formula was blended from four essences: Empress Tree (grounding), Sunflower (judgment), Red Scorpion (detoxification), and Pink Lotus (balance), each of which were created in l997-98. Red Scorpion, Solar Angels from the Central Sun Nadir, and Freedom to Dance came about the same time, and Yellow Flag Water Iris in 2000. By blending the essences we get a synergistic weaving in which the power of the blend is greater than the individual essences.

The micro-doses of therapeutic essential oils in Clear Being Aura Mist include: frankincense, lavender, and anise. The fragrance that these provide is light, yet it is enough to awaken the limbic brain, the ancient seat of emotional life and memory.

In this subtle energy medicine work, doubt has crept in again and again. Is this real? Does it really do something? Even though I had heard from people again and again praising its effects and had seen the difference in a matter of minutes in expo after expo, I wondered if I was making up the results.

Then in 2007 at a Body-Mind-Spirit Expo in Melbourne, Florida, aura photographs were taken of a woman treated twice ten minutes apart with Clear Being Aura Mist, showing the before and after changes in the energy field and chakras. At last I had physical evidence of the way all the chakras were balanced, how the energy field cleared, and how the corelight strengthened and brightened with Clear Being Aura Mist. With the energy field balanced and stronger, reason follows that one's ability to self-heal is stronger and one's thoughts are more clear and positive. This is what we had heard for years. Now we had proof!


I thought I had all the information about Clear Being Aura Mist until recently. I didn't know what I didn't know. So here we are in 2015, twelve years from the beginning, and another piece just fell into place: the source and meaning of the name.

Through the Insight Timer meditation community, I received a copy of the poem "Clear Being" from Rumi, a Persian poet and Sufi mystic from the 13th century, translated by Coleman Barks:

I honor those who try to rid themselves of lying,

who empty the self and have only clear being there.

The revelation of this meaning was worth the wait. It was an affirmation of what the product does, and what I have done, anchoring the mist and my path in a deep mystical tradition of inner truth.

On the winding road of patience, Spirit had delivered. Again.

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