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Healing is our birthright, and we can learn to do it. Serpentfire Yoga for Healing invites you to discover the magic in you at the intersection of yoga, shamanism, vibrational medicine, energy healing, gnosis, and the soul’s creativity. A multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional system for gentle healing and transformation for the healer and the client, Serpentfire Yoga for Healing is an advanced wisdom school offered in a flexible five-module program over 30 months. If you are a yoga teacher or student, an energy healer or teacher, an artist or creative, a parent or self-healer, or a holistic nurse or massage therapist, this study may call you.

Ancient temples, like Delphi, offered training and community for healers, priestesses, spiritual messengers, alchemists, and oracles. Development focused on the “Serpentfire,” the western name for kundalini—the Feminine spiral energy which awakens, rises, and energizes our sacred gifts. Similarly, Serpentfire Yoga for Healing is an alchemical yoga based on awakening the kundalini, directing and controlling the energy for healing, and creating nature spirit medicines. The program offers both ascension and descension of the serpentine energies for healing which activate different dimensions of conscious wholeness. 

Modules offer energy healing using your hands, intuition, telepathic healing, tel-homeopathic flower essence therapy, vocal sound healing, and Serpentfire Yoga exercises, which all activate the body’s ability to self-heal. Students may take one, several or all modules for personal growth or for professional skill development.

The benefits of Serpentfire Yoga for Healing for the student include:

  • Learn to heal self and others with hands, thought, voice, and nature, and weave these into a single session.

  • Learn to think and perceive vibrationally; consciously shift your brain pattern from ordinary or daily mind (beta) to extraordinary/clairvoyant (alpha) mind.

  • Gain calm confidence in your healing and self-healing abilities.

  • Receive loving and gentle clairvoyant mentoring for personal transformation.

  • Learn to communicate with the nature devas; receive spiritual medicine from them.

  • Develop more positive attitudes and clear inner direction.

  • Find greater strength of will and focus.

  • Create closer relationship with the Divine within you and the One in All.

Will you join us? Each of the five Serpentfire Yoga for Healing modules includes an interactive weekend of training in person, private mentoring sessions with Genai in person or by phone to help identify your strengths and challenges and to deepen your practice, and monthly group meditation phone calls to promote community and continue momentum for growth.  This unique opportunity offers instruction and close relationship with Genai, the founding teacher. Download the detailed Syllabus for more information. 

Serpentfire Weekend Modules

Healing the Body Electric

Learn about spiritual anatomy and how to use your hands to affect the electro-magnetic energy field and the chakras, so that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change may occur, like pain relief, lowering blood pressure, and more. Learn self-care for keeping your life force vibrant while helping others.

To be rescheduled for 2021.

Personal Power, Authenticity, and Autonomy

Learn to assess, clear, heal, and strengthen the back chakras, vertebrae, to align the personal and Divine Will, and to aid others with death and dying. Energy field sensing and reading.

Offered August 13–15, 2021.

Entering the Heart of Nature: Tel-Homeopathic Flower Essence Therapy

Learn how to choose and use existing flower essences. Open the door to telepathic nature communication, speaking from the heart, receiving messages from the devas or nature spirits, and how to make, test, and translate your own nature essence remedies.

Offered July 16–18, 2021.

Telepathic Healing: Mind to Inner Mind

Learn ways to convey visual healing images to the inner mind of another with their permission for healing surgeries, wounds, root canals, bone spurs, challenged pregnancies, and more.

Two choices for dates in 2021: September 3–5; November 5–7.

Becoming an Instrument of the One

Reclaim the power of your voice, as heavenly energies descend (descension) through you with Santu, ancient songs and words. Learn to trust the sounds, tones, qualities, and rhythms given for self and others in deep meditation. Your voice and body become a healing instrument for the One.

Offered twice in 2021: March 5–7 and September 24–26. Offered once in 2022: June 17–19.

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To register, call 239-298-4839 or email

Registration fees for each of the five modules are the same. The registration fee for each module is $1695 and must be received 10 days prior to the module. The Early Bird Discounted Fee of $1495 saves $200; to qualify, a non-refundable deposit of $200 must be received 60 days in advance; balance of $1295 is due 30 days prior to the module. Students may take the modules in any order. Download the Program Syllabus to discover $1500 savings for all five modules as a complete program. Three certifications are offered: Tel-Homeopathic Nature Essence Practitioner; Serpentfire Telepathic Healer; and Serpentfire Yoga for Healing Practitioner.

About Genai Ellen Wachs


Known as “the soul doctor of Santa Fe,” Genai Ellen Wachs is a master healer and spiritual teacher with 33 years professional experience and the founder of All One Peace, A Sacred School for the One, and Swanstar Essences. Through All One Peace she offers private sessions, over 800 flower, star, and sacred site essences, four books, and five albums of sound healing. Learn more about Genai.

“Genai is an excellent teacher, committed to her students' progress.” 

- Student, Naples, Florida

To register, call 239-298-4839 or email

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