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Serpentfire Healing Gift Certificates
Are you looking for an uplifting and inspiring gift for yourself or someone you love? An elegant gift certificate for sacred healing, reading, or coaching with Genai may be the perfect gift. For one-time Serpentire healing or long-term coaching and spiritual training, Genai holds safe space for you to grow, listens deeply, asks questions, and accepts you as you are.

Private sessions have included healing for illness and broken hearts, finding clarity, intuitive training and spirituality tools for the spiritual seeker, energy readings of the aura and energy centers.

Genai offers personalized sessions tailored to your needs, such as:
- Subtle healing and medical intuition from the heart,
- Spiritual messages from our inner angels and Higher Self,
- Custom nature essence bouquets to support the inner shift toward change,
- Sacred songs and chants which "rewire the mind" to a more relaxed state, and
- New options for action and next steps.

Gift Certificates are available for 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions.

Serpentfire Healing Gift Certificates

  • Pre-paid, discounted 3, 5, and 10 hour packages are available. Call 239.298.4839 for more information.
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