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Qualities of Love from the Future on Planet Earth
A set of nine essences of ultra high frequency colors

Qualities of Love from the Future on Planet Earth

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  • These nine colors and sounds of Love from the future deeply affect us as we evolve into our full potential as beings who express the deep communication and appreciation of love on our planet, in our galaxy, and beyond. For detailed definitions of each color essence, download the definition sheet on the Lightwater Essences page.

    Namaste (red): The grounding point for all the other essences that are the quality of Love.

    Hilarien (orange): A forgiveness essence from the future

    Neami (yellow): Crystalline clarity for moving out of the stuck places so only Love resides.

    Nahukara (green): Ancient sound song for awakening the resonant cosmic heart.

    Ocarina (blue): Sweet, velvety songs for healing soul abuse; for those who have experienced trauma in the womb or in birthing, or those who feel soul-battering from physical trauma; for war victims, warriors who had to fight and kill.

    Caritas (indigo): The gentle love and mercy of caring for one another expands to a new level where in deed, in truth, in our hearts, the caring for another is caring for oneself. We find Peace.

    Ocularia (violet): About having a secure heart, so we can see with a rainbow heart of gold and sing.

    Nahalla (infra-red): A spiral wave of the Rose of Light that sweeps away doubt, leaving only security, serenity and freedom.

    Namahinda (ultra-violet): Grace at its ultimate, bringing a love so true, so rich, so rare, that it never wavers. We enter the forever marriage of one soul to the rest of the world.
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