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"Ignite Your Light!" Gift Box

Graced with a bow, our Swanstar Essences Gift Box is ready to give as hostess or holiday gift. This gift set will uplift you and "Ignite Your Light!" Three lightly fragranced 2 oz. mists are perfect for home and travel. Rare vibrational healing essences relieve stress, clear old patterns, expand creativity, and restore joy. 


The three mists are our best-sellers:

  • Clear Being Aura Mist clears and balances your chakras and energy field. Notes of frankincense, lavender, and anise organic essential oils blend with five flower and angelic essences to clear negativity and raise your vibration. Great to clear home, hotel or hospital, too!
  • Sleepwell Mist helps you snuggle into deep rest and awake refreshed. Organic essential oil notes of spruce, frankincense, eucalyptus, and pine accompany seven nature essences from flowers, stars, and two qualities of love from the future of planet earth. Mist you and the bed.
  • Zip! Energy Recharge Mist offers a caffeine-free pick-me-up for morning, afternoon, or evening. The light fragrance is from cinnamon, sandalwood, and spruce organic essential oils blended with four flower and a higher spectral color essence.


All natural

Handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Ignite Your Light!" Gift Box

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