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Galactic Shells: Andromeda #1-30 Essence Set
Thirty vibrational sounds, tones, and stories from a far-away galaxy tailored to the listener.

Galactic Shells: Andromeda #1-30 Essence Set

$450.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
  • You have only to know that love is all around and abounds through every fiber of your being. The world of light that is beyond your galaxy is multi-faceted and pure. We have great heart for the Beings that create this universe. Use these shells as Ann Morrow Lindberg wrote in A GIFT FROM THE SEA. Take each one in your hand and discover a story for that moment, whether at the cellular level or in the mind of your heart. That's right Heart and Soul with Mind, that essence that came long ago. These shells are like tuning forks and wind harps. Take them to your ears and hear the stories of long ago when man knew light as well as form, as intimately as a lover's breath. Know that each of you will hear the story he/she most needs to hear that it will add to the cosmic unity of design and bring into finer galactic harmony the weaving of the Cloth of Light that wraps us all in One Love. That Beauty is what we give to you. THAT BEAUTY IS WHAT YOU ARE!
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